Ford Taurus Owner’s Manual [Ford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as a glove box . Thu, 18 Oct GMT ford taurus se owners pdf – View and. Download Ford Taurus. owner’s manual online. Taurus Automobile pdf. View and Download Ford Taurus owner’s manual online. Taurus Automobile pdf manual download.

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Reset Fuel Pump Shut-off Switch 4. Since this information is subject to change, please ask your dealer for complete details about Ford Extended Service Plan coverage options, or visit the Ford ESP website at www. Seating and Safety Restraints not of the type sufficient to cause activation.

Ford Taurus Owners Manual PDF

The dome lamp control if fod must not be set to the off position for the illuminated entry system to operate. Power steering fluid reservoir 8. To increase airflow to the outer instrument panel vents, close the vents located in the middle of the instrument panel. This warning may appear when fprd heavy loads or when driving in a low gear at a high speed for an extended period of time.

Page 82 Locks and Security 3. To set the minute, press and hold the M control.

Ford Taurus 2004 Owner’s Manual

Make oeners headlamp switch is in OFF position and open the liftgate to expose the lamp assemblies. Wrecker Towing It is recommended that your vehicle be towed with a wheel lift or flatbed equipment. Do not put washer fluid in the engine coolant reservoir. If the compass still appears to be inaccurate, a manual calibration may be necessary.

Summary of Contents for Ford Taurus Page 1: Press to increase or decrease the temperature in the cabin. Remove two screws and the lower trim panel from the liftgate. The pressure in an overfilled tank may cause leakage and lead to fuel spray and fire.


Install bulb socket in lamp assembly by turning clockwise. For example, if an occupant slouches, lies down, turns sideways, sits forward, leans forward or sideways, or puts one or both feet up, the chance of injury during a crash is greatly increased. Tuck the edges of the vinyl inside the end cap with each wrap.

If you calculate your average fuel economy by dividing liters of fuel used by kilometers traveled miles traveled by gallons usedyour figure may be different than displayed for the following reasons: Index Index Index acid, treating emergencies.

Maintenance and Specifications When the engine is cold, check the level of the engine coolant in the reservoir. Page 42 Lights 7. Make the final connection of the negative – cable. Make sure headlamp switch is in OFF position. If you need to arrange roadside assistance for yourself, Ford Motor Company will reimburse a reasonable amount.

To remove the floor mat, reverse the installation procedure. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Insert the tongue into the correct buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from.

Follow these guidelines when using snow tires and chains: Do not start your engine with the air cleaner removed and do not remove it while the engine is running. Page Unless otherwise specified, rotate the tires approximately every 5, miles 8, km.

Safety belt assemblies not in use during a collision should also be inspected and replaced if either damage or improper operation is noted. Do not pile cargo higher than the seatbacks to reduce the risk of injury in a collision or sudden stop. Make a further check for leaks in the fuel system. Production sequence number Engine number The engine number the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number is stamped on the engine block and transaxle.


Running out of fuel Avoid running out of fuel because this situation may have an adverse affect on powertrain components. A garage door which cannot detect an object, signaling the door to stop and reverse, does not meet current U. How to disengage the automatic locking mode Ford Motor Company recommends that all safety belt assemblies and attaching hardware should be inspected by a qualified technician after any collision.

Engine oil filler cap 6.

Children 12 years old and under should be properly restrained in the rear seat whenever possible. To access this information, special equipment must be directly connected to the recording modules. Open the tether anchor cover.

Pull down on the shoulder belt and then grasp the shoulder belt and lap belt together. Page Seating and Safety Restraints 5.

Driver Controls System check Selecting this function from the SETUP menu manuql the message center to cycle through each of the systems being monitored.

Large metallic objects, electronic devices that are used to purchase gasoline or similar items, or a second coded key on the same key chain may cause vehicle starting issues. Refer to Safety restraints for children or Manuak seats for children later in this chapter.

Index Power Point Seat belts Cigar lighter The wiper will come on when the washer control is pressed, if it is not already on. Production sequence number Engine number The engine number the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number is stamped on the engine block and transaxle.