I just read Harem by scifichick77 and it was AMAZING! buuuuuuuuuuuut it wasnt finished:cry: Can someone please suggest a story where. I chose “A Dowry of A Single Galleon” because it was dramione (for those who don’t know, this is Draco and Hermione’s ship name). You can read it and download it here for free: Dowry of a Single Galleon by Bunney – Rated: Explicit (NC) – 21 Chapters (COMPLETE) – A.

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It was like I was falling in love with the wizarding world all over again! Narcissa lay her cheek against Hermione’s and gazed at the sketch. I shouldn’t want my future daughter-in-law to be frightened off by his vulgar intentions. Narcissa flinched at his sudden movement and smiled brightly at nothing in particular. I know a brilliant designer there — her mother made this gown — and I’m sure she’ll design something perfect for you,” Narcissa was saying and Hermione smiled.

Her reaction was more satisfying than anything he’d ever inspired from her before. He managed to hitch his mouth up into a smirk and he narrowed his eyes, trying to focus on her pursed lips instead of the best set of tits he’d seen in years. On our wedding night? She sighed and smiled ruefully. When Annelle showed her the final sketch, the embodiment of their afternoon’s collaboration, Hermione had to choke back tears.


She’ll learn her place soon enough. His stomach plummeted to the approximate location of his ankles and he narrowed his eyes in fury. She gave him a sultry smile and he had to look away. Draco stopped in the doorway and smiled brightly at them.

She smiled at him, a saucy little grin so unlike the serious, bookish girl he’d known at Hogwarts. If you want to enter into this marriage with pure intent, then you must ask her forgiveness.

She moaned in heartfelt appreciation at the sight of Hermione’s arse. You can join by getting an invitation from our automated invite queue.

Dramione Reviews – A Dowry of a Single Galleon *SPOILERS*

Jen Strunk marked it as to-read Nov 02, She stared at him in shock. Laughing, Narcissa tucked Hermione’s arm through hers and they continued on their way. Chapter Ten Chapter Hermione’s not ready for that, not yet. She was actually quite eager to get to it and fortunately, her future husband was quite easy on the eyes.

Again, dowyr gave him that cold, bitter smile.

A Dowry of a Single Galleon – by Bunney (M)

Preview — A Dowry of a Single Galleon by bunney. Curse-breakers were always a welcome addition to any wizarding business. I thought I smelled a Mudblood.


I hear MacNair’s son Prentice is still looking for a mudblood to galleob. Hermione couldn’t stop the tiny moan that tumbled out and she felt him smile triumphantly against her skin.

He stared at her with bleak, angry eyes and she gathered him into a hug.

Lucius Malfoy rubbed the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger and, for the fifth time in as many minutes, regretted spoiling his son to the point of absurdity. She slithered out of the bed and strolled towards him, her hips rolling in an exaggerated imitation of Hermione’s natural sway. Anger at himself for causing them, anger at her for taking it as long as she did and for finally rising above his petty gallwon vicious behavior, to be the bigger person.


She was blushing at her own words, but even as she spoke them, she lowered her legs back to the mattress and spread them slightly. With a vicious stab, he impaled a cherry tomato on his fork and grinned in quiet satisfaction as it squirted juice onto the table.

She hadn’t the prejudice against Muggleborns that Lucius and Draco had. You know that; it was all over aingle Prophet ,” she snarled.