Press Command-Shift-D to De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions. You can restore the backup copy of the Adept key by doing the following. Ran It found the key and saved as ” ” in the same directory where is. Then, I ran (v2. This will create the file in the same folder. Now, run the second script with wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Python27/

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DER ” in the same directory where ineptkey. I doubled click the ineptkey. Adobe Digital Edition 1. At last, click “OK” button. At which point it fails for you? When I read your article I hope that it will work but unfortunately not. Feel free to ver at will.

Secondly, When you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, download the ebooks you want to convert to this computer through Adobe Digital Editions. How can I fix this problem. Can you please help me?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. First I came in here to thank you guys for helping me do this. Adwptkey may not display the page correctly.

I found the following two postings on the one web-site. One of them suggested I log a tech report. Any suggestions on this one?

Well, I have no remedy for that. Then, you can find the adeptkey. Notify me of new posts via email. Now we can actually download the book. I have downloaded it now, but I am afraid to uninstall version 2 and install version 1. So you can try just Foxit free adetpkey, which is not worse than Adobe products.


DRM Removal tool, all python scripts, Calibre plugins tutorial.

Sadly there is no Linux version, so we need to run the Windows version with Wine. I found myself unable to authorise my ereader – could authorise my desktop but not it. Chatted adeptkye support – no solution from them about it.

The Registry Editor opens.

Find in the internet two text files: I am unable to find these versions anywhere on the net. It was also hard enough to find this method. Close the Registry Editor. IV must be 16 bytes long. I noticed there could be some very specific sdeptkey. Look at your ineptkey. Posted in bookshowtoslinux 7 Comments. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Dear Adephkey, Thanks for this great tutorial. Email Address never made public.

For the ebooks containing Adwptkey, they are not easy to be moved. I hope you will fix it. I am using a mac with snow leopard I cannot get pycryto to work. I have tried foxit phantomPDF to solve problem.

I had try to solve this problem several months ago but it did not. But when you work with already decrypted document, you can sometimes fix it with other tools. When you download an e-book, using Adobe Digital Editions 1. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


IneptPDF.pyw for Removing PDF DRM

I’ve helped a lot of people – but the requests have slowed down, and I don’t check that account as often as I used to – but I will continue to do so from time to time. Use a free python scrip to strip epub DRM. The ebook can be converted only when it is downloaded from the Adobe Digital Editions installed on current computer. There was a problem reading this document You can restore the backup copy of the Adept key by doing the following:.

I got the same problem with Dave Veilleux, just double click the files which script i got from pastebin and not any of them work, nothing happened: If you haven’t installed Calibre, you need to download and install it first. Files are available thru google search, just try.

How to remove DRM from ePUB PDF on Adobe Digital Editions

Because it will limit the ebook you bought to be read on the specific reader device, that adrptkey to say, you can not copy and read it on other devices. But that is not to say impossible. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.