Akai S Sampler & MD disk drive owners manuals. I no longer have this sampler/drive, but I found the owners manuals in my file cabinet. This is. AKAI MODEL S SECTION 4 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AIVIC PC BOARDS No part of this manual may be re- produced in any form without permission from. Akai S This page is mainly under construction. 😉 I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S Sampler. user manual (to be scanned); service manual part 1 · service manual part 2 · Update: Info regarding the.

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Replace only with parts number specified. Eight presses will return to the point set by the mqnual. The clock for reception. In a non-operative mode of the mechanical block, the head will always remain at a standstill at the inner periphery of a disk, i.

Middle of June Service Ref. Board has been changed as follows.

You can continuously build your own tone sample library with the specially designed Sampler Disk Drive MD If any of this information is omitted, there are instances in which parts cannot be shipped or the wrong parts will be delivered. The MD is composed of three blocks mnaual indicated in the above item If the symptoms still exist, turn off the S and disconnect s6112 MD from the S and see if the Msnual 1 2 works properly by itself. A data signal that has been waveform-shaped into pulses aki of the analog signal read out from a disk.

C Board Block 2. View the discussion thread. Internal memory is only KB which gives a maximum of 8 seconds sampling time at the lowest sampling rate available. Please be careful not to make a mistake in the parts no. Observe that wires do not contact heat producing parts heatsinks, oxide metal film resistors, fusible resistors, etc.


Presented below are the individual signals that will be employed for both the channels, A and B, of SIO. Anyway, if the head lifetime is expired, the mecha mechanism block must be replaced. The Recommended Spare Parts List shows those parts in the Parts List which are considered particularly important for service.

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One day in September I mentioned on analog heaven maillist this update, and two guys asked me how to get this. Transmitting data TXDA will be sampled at down -going edges of this clock, for output. The OS Version 1.

The update added the following features: If there is no indication even if the above process has been performed, it would be considered that the S has some akaai. Akai never took over the OS-Version, so this guy mnaual to sell it on his own. Refer to the replacement method of the felt pad as shown in the Maintenance II page 13 and perform the replacement of felt pad. IC 1 VEE -8,9 2 2.

SIO Channel A chiefly performs the serial-parallel as well as parallel-serial conversions of data, and at the same time, also generates CRC that is required for data error checks. Replace it with a new disk if necessary. Remove the 4 screws on the left and right side pan- els 2 each of the Akai MD Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or akaii parts. Followings are the possible causes on the MD of above symptoms.

It’s also fairly simple and straight forward to operate, responds to external triggering and is still very well suited to any MIDI studio applications. Remove the lid from the disk holder. August Subject: New 2-R98 2-R 27K 2-R 2.

Then confirm the akal. O Further technical s62 will be issured as any arises.


Images from Akai Pro. Some of its features included bit sampling from 4 to 32kHz mamual loop and truncate functions, an overdub function and mic or line input jacks. Frequency Divider Divides the write data signal into half the fre- quency Refer to Replacement Method of Each Block on page The clock for transmission Board and Power supply P.

Of course I’m also worried that it might be harming the S if I leave it as is. The S is also equipped with continuous variable-pass low-pass filters for adding a milder touch to samples.

Sound distorts when sampled at maximum level.


This Parts List shows maual parts which s62 considered necessary for repairs. Reattach the upper cover to the Akai MD with the 6 screws 1 screw each for the front and the rear panels, 2 screws each for the left and right sides of the upper cover. A short sampled sound can be nanual played with no time restrictions and without sounding awkward.

While at EH, he had been working with digital effects processors including digital delays. I asked him, whether he would still sell it, but he said “Oohm, I could build it, but I don’t like the hustle with sending gear, checking bank accounts and similar stuff; people will call me and stuff like that; but if you [means me] are really interested, you could take over the distributor part”.

The sound can then be stored on disk. Board, the insulator has been changed as follows.