The Alesis MIDIVERB III is a high quality multi-effects unit which features up to 4 simultaneous effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus, EQ) at a full 15KHz bandwidth. Find great deals for Alesis Midiverb III 16 Bit Simultaneous Multi Effects Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. REVERBS. Chorus-Reverb-Delay-EQ. Small Bright Room 1. Small Bright Room 2. Small Warm Room. Small Warm Chamber.

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Reverb delay chorus y chorus What technology is used?

The last of these, EQ, though not, perhaps, an effect per se, is nevertheless highly useful on a unit such as this, as it can be applied individually to the input signal and to any of the other three effects, making it possible to determine the ‘colour’ of the reverb, for example. The first of the two reverb parameters, Reverb Algorithm, offers you a choice of 20 different reverb types from a list which includes halls, chambers, rooms, plates, reverse and gated effects.

Other articles featuring gear in this article: Review by Nigel Lord. Previous Article in this issue Passport Designs’ Encore. MIDI mapping is less complicated alesi it sounds and is simply a means of setting up the unit so that program change numbers sent via MIDI may be directed to any of the Midiverb’s programs.

Alesis Midiverb III Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Having already enjoyed its second coming, the Midiverb is now on its third – so what have Alesis added midiveb their already successful formula for ? Rather disappointingly, delay time is limited to ms in all but two configurations, and even here a figure of ms represents the upper limit. To my mind it midiveb just the right amount of programmability for an effects unit – and if that seems to imply I think some units offer too much, I won’t attempt to deny it.

Previous article in this issue: As explained earlier, the maximum ms delay is available only in the last two configurations 14 and 15which do not include any reverb effect. Too bad there is no phasing and tremolo. I think it’s fair to say that on most multi-effects units, reverb quality provides alsis best yardstick by which it may be judged.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. All audio inputs are high impedance for optimum signal matching to external gear, and this may include a directly connected microphone if midiveb prepared to put up with a little extra noise.

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In all other configurations a delay time of ms is the midiver you have to work with. Alesos programming is a law of diminishing returns, and beyond a certain point you can do little to a program which will ultimately benefit the music. IN OUR RUSH to condemn the system jidiverb which we are constantly entreated to upgrade in favour of “this year’s model”, few of us, I suspect, ever spare a thought for the hapless designer whose job it is to see that we surrender to our acquisitiveness and reach for the cheque book or credit card.


Certainly, this new level of sophistication has made them a viable and cost-effective alternative for guitarists and other instrumentalists – the days of dead 9V batteries and flangers taking the short way off the front of the stage may soon be over.

Once again, we’re looking at a facility which has been alessis primarily as a means of producing more convincing reverb effects, but it does have its place in tailoring the overall sound of the unit, which for those without individual EQ controls on the effects loops on their mixing desks and so on, should prove quite useful. Incidentally, all mapping functions are global and cannot be stored with individual programs.

Finally, there’s the simple but all-important 9V socket through which the Midiverb draws its power. And despite its inherent limitations the delay section acquits itself too – even midivdrb the ms mark, you can coax enough slapback echo and ADT effects out of it to make it earn its keep.

Finally, there are Signal present and Clip LEDs to provide visual indication of input levels and the onset of distortion. Yes What is the connection?

Following the emergence of Yamaha’s hugely popular SPX90, a few years ago, it quickly became clear that the way forward was the area of multi-effects, where a single unit was capable of providing reverb, chorus, ADT, flanging and delay in various combinations – and, of course, under the control of MIDI.

If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive I won’t insult you with a description of the Value, Edit, Bypass, Store or Program number buttons, but Configure and Modulation require a few words of explanation. All the same, people with no prior knowledge of this kind of unit our guitarist friends, for example might well undervalue the Midiverb III and that would be a shame.

A total of 24 algorithms are available, divided equally between chorus and flanging effects. Whatever the reason, the user as is so often the case with mass-market equipmenthas come out on top, and with the current crop of machines offering three or four simultaneous bit midivetb effects at about the same price you’d have paid for a unit with three or four different 8-bit reverb patches a few years ago, there midivdrb little for us to complain about.


The chorus and flanging effects, though not the most convincing I’ve ever heard, are certainly very usable, especially at the more subtle end of the range.

Alesis Midiverb III 16 Bit Simultaneous Multi Effects Processor | eBay

Did you try many other models before getting this one? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Excellent Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? But then, I don’t suppose Alesis need any marketing lessons from mudiverb. The overall decay of each of these effects can be adjusted using the second of the two available parameters, Decay Time.

YES many multi effct and finally got tired after having to do hacks I opted for this little gem. And this being the case, actually having a half-second delay at your disposal in any form can only be regarded as a bonus. What are the effects, types of effects available?

Stereo input and output jack 6. This kind of facility, as you might imagine, makes the Midiverb highly useful in live situations, where a player may find it difficult to move away from his or her instrument – another indication, perhaps, that Alesis were looking to extend aleiss appeal of this unit beyond that of the home and semi-professional studio user.

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But consider the lot of the designers at a company like Alesis: These two groups are then sub-divided to each provide six mono and six stereo effects, varying in intensity – from small to big depth, as the manual so quaintly puts it. Combined, these two parameters provide a surprisingly wide range of reverb effects, and unlike some units I’ve used, the range is fairly consistent, so there is less chance of defaulting to one or two tried and trusted settings each time you switch on.

Being designed primarily for use in studio racks, the Midiverb III is a 1U-high, 19″ rack unit with all controls situated on the front panel. This is midierb simply by pressing Program and inputting a value directly using the ten buttons sub-labelled Our members also akesis Music Technology – Mar For example, in some configurations the chorus effect is connected directly to the output whilst in others it is applied to the input of the reverb or delay effects.