A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series. She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by a bizarre and nameless. Restoree by Anne McCaffrey – book cover, description, publication history. A classic sci-fi novel from the beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern® series She was a restoree, kidnapped. Torn from Earth by.

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What would she think of the widespread use of iPads and Kindle Fires today?

The Mystery of Ireta. I haven’t read a lof of sci fi and certainly not from the 60’s but I thought this had held up well in mccqffrey aspect.

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As an act of self-preservation she resttoree her facade of witlessness until she discovers that there is a sinister purpose for her state and that of her restorse, so she hatches a desperate plan to escape the situation and in the process discovers that the man she’s been attending to is the Regent of a faraway planet. McCaffrey in a long time but she used to be one of my top 10 authors. I came up with this longterm plan to read Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series so willy nilly I started picking up her books in second hand shops.

New and exciting science fiction for women. I can’t figure out how to review this book without spoiling the plot.

I would have liked to see a sequel to this, exploring the possibilities that were discussed in the latter quarter of the story. Oh and qnne loves to eat.


It wasn’t until I was maybe a dozen pages from the end when I finally started to get a sense for where the story was going or have some investment in what was going to happen or what was not.

Still a good read. When I need a shot o I have read this book several times and I can’t seem to get enough of it. She has said that she wrote it in response to the misogynistic tropes of s science-fiction where women were helpless addendums to the male-driven plot. As the story continues, she becomes increasingly passive and spends a lot of time being reassured, patronised and restorree as a political tool by the men in the story.

Please review your cart. The romance is instantaneous, with the heroine suddenly becoming the loveliest female and the hero the overprotective restiree possessive alpha male. Restoree is a science fiction novel by American writer Anne McCaffreyher first book published. The premise is a great set up for mystery, action, romance and political intrigue.

Looking forward to reading this again.

Guess we will never know. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Restoree revolves around Sarah, rdstoree earthling abducted by aliens to the planet Lothar, and Harlan, a regent of Lothar.

“Restoree” by Anne McCaffrey

Doona Catteni, or Freedom Petaybee. The Hills Have Spies. This one would make a great movie!

Anne always wrote books that were hard to put done or in the case these days for me, hard to power off my Nook. The Mil remind me of something straight out of Lovecraft. As such, it’s more fascinating than it is as a novel! Whiplash – a 20th century woman suddenly turns into a 19th century style maiden — even down to having a fainting fit.


It was just a fun adventure, made hugely better due to a kick ass heroine. This planet, Lothar, has been under mccagfrey threat of attack by an invading alien force known as the Mil, and following several decades of relative peace, the planet has fallen under political turmoil.

Restoree (Literature) – TV Tropes

Considering it’s the first novel from Grand Dame Anne McCaffrey it’s one of those books that you just have to read, especially if Pern books were what got you hooked on the genre as a kid. Would you like us to take another look at this review? And the plot is rollicking, even if you do have to do a helluva lot of suspending disbelief There was a sudden stench of a mccafftey sea creature.

She witnesses all sorts of horrific sights in what amounts to a human abattoir which sends her into deep shock. It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the two series The Ship Who Sang and the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders of Pern that Ms.