Rajeev Jhanji is an eminent scholar and teach of Vedic astrology. He has taught astrology for several years to hundreds of students in the Institute of Astrology of. Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions [Rajeev Jhanji, K S Charak, N K Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions has 5 ratings and 0 reviews . This is the first ever book on the use of Yogini dasha for successful.

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His departure to USA in applicatiobs year has been a loss to his Indian students. All these alphabets are unique. Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions. The operative appljcations of sadhe-saati can be known since it is based on the placement of Moon in a sign and the transit of Saturn applicatiins or around ddasha sign.

The planets posited in the maraka houses, with the killer planets, and the planets aspected by the killer planets also gain death inflicting powers and become maraka or killer planets. For constraints of space only the birth charts and the dwadshamsha charts are being given in the present article; the navamsha charts are not being included in this discussion. The ninth lord Jupiter, which also happens to be the sixth lord, is aspected by a retrograde eighth lord Saturn from the sixth house.

Trivia About Applications Of Y Rahu represents Saturn which latter yoginu in the twelfth from the lagna as well as the Sun, the Karaka as well as the ninth lord. The placement of an exalted eleventh lord Moon also in the ninth house aspected by a debilitated Jupiter from the fifth are relatively ineffective factors for mitigating the affliction to the ninth house. An attempt will be made here to explain the method of application of Yogini dasha through some example horoscopes related to varying areas of life of different natives.

The Sun is considered the significator for the father of a native. Subash Paneru added it May 01, The association of the fourth lord Saturn with the sixth lord Mars in the third house, aspecting the ninth house, without any relief from benefic association or aspect indicates a vehicular accident to the father of pf native.


Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions

To further elucidate the above mentioned principles, two more charts of siblings are being given here. Though Yogini dasha has a cycle of only 36 years, yet it can be applied to persons of all ages specially if combined with Appplications dasha. There are no discussion topics applicattions this book yet. Vinita Garg marked it as to-read Feb 27, Common terms and phrases 5th lord afflicted Annual Chart aspecting the tenth aspects the fifth aspects the fourth astrologers benefic benefic planets Bhramari Birth Chart cb cb cb CD CD dasha systems Dashamsha debilitated divisional charts Drekkana Dwadashamsha eighth house eleventh Event favourable fifth house fifth lord Saturn fourth house fourth lord horoscope house lord K.

To apply Yogini dasha on the horoscope of an individual, first of dsaha take note of the Yogini appilcations major and sub-periods operating for the period under consideration. In the dwadashamsha chart, the lagna is heavily afflicted, being occupied by a debilitated Mars, the malignant Ketu and a retrograde Venus.

The native lost his father on October 1, when he was running the Yogini dasha of Sankata-Siddha, equivalent to Rahu-Venus. The ninth house from the Sun receives the aspect of the eighth lord Mars while the ninth lord Jupiter is debilitated and aspected by a retrograde Saturn. Hitesh Soni marked it as to-read Jun 09, Yogini dasha should be yogin along with Vimshottari for a double check of the timing of an event. Open Preview See a Problem?

Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions : Rajeev Jhanji :

Rahu by its position in Mesha also represents Mars which owns the twelfth house from the lagna as well as the Sun and is joined by Ketu. Lists with This Book. To this figure add 3. Dashaa sequence of these Yoginis, their lords and operative periods are given in Table 1.

A deep analysis of these three factors — the house, the house lord and the significator — will indicate whether the results attributed to the house will be negative or positive and also the extent to which they will be adverse or favourable.


By adding various periods of dashas, the present operative dasha of a person can be found out. The dashas propounded by various ancient masters were excellent for the three yugas — Satyayuga, Tretayuga and Dwaparayuga — but for Kaliyuga, dasha calculatation based on Yogini dasha is great for giving all types of results.

Quick Use of Yogini Dasha. Quick Use of Yogini Dasha. Why Yogini Dasha Must be Used.

Institute of Vedic Astrology- Hindu astrology – pages. It is generally observed that irrespective of the disbursement of planets in the horoscope of individuals, Yogini dasha periods do give results according to thier meanings as explained in the table. Account Options Sign in.

Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions by Rajeev Jhanji

The house is influenced either by placement or by aspect of planets. Astrology Primer Realm of Spirits Dashas. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Add 3 to it. Now divide by 8. Institute of Vedic Astrology Amazon. For example, in matters of progeny, one needs to consider the fifth house from the lagna, the fifth house from the Karaka Jupiter and also the fifth house from the fifth i.

The ninth house from the lagna as well as applicatios Sun receives the aspect of Saturn. In the dwadashamsha chart Saturn is a maraka being the lord of the sixth and the seventh houses from the lagna.

Venus, the ninth lord from the Sun is associated with Ketu and the sixth lord, the Moon and aspected by Mars. In all other cases Yogini dasha gives results. In the dwadashamsha appllcations, Jupiter as the second lord from the lagna as well as the Sun associates with the Sun in the eighth from the ninth house.