This rulebook contains rules for playing Arkham Horror with the Kingsport Horror expansion. The second part contains clarifications and frequently asked. In many ways, the expansions to Arkham Horror are like cooking ingrediants. Now I know it can be frustrating, being on rift duty in Kingsport. Shop Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror from 23 online stores. Compare game prices at , the web’s largest comparison site for popular.

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Someone needs to go and kill him. The town of Kingsport, on a new board with new rules and locations 8 new investigators with powerful new abilities 4 new Ancient Ones to struggle futilely against New protective elements in the form of Guardians 2 new Herald sheets 20 new monster markers, over new cards, and the deadly Epic Battle cards! I haveplayd a few games with Kingsport where none of us even went to the town.

Find your local Good Games store. Of course, a lot of people just ignore the rifts. IMO, this is easily fixable and not really a problem. I like the concept of Wendy, but it just seems foolish to have her drinking whiskey and buying guns from a shop.

This form will move kingeport price for this item to a new item. Sure, some are powerful, but the GOOs in Kingsport are no pushovers, and I don’t want to bring a knife in armored warfare. First, Epic Battle cards and Sinister Plots, way cool.

Well, IH sure fixed Kate good, didn’t it? So weighing out the pros and cons with horrot price, I find I can do without Kingsport. In terms of reasoning, the things outlined by Dam sum a lot of it up I suppose in some ways it can be ignored.

  DOEH 682 PDF

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I’ll keep this incredibly brief: Can you make things any easier? I don’t think Kingsport is necessarily bad, per se. Online pricing and quantities apply only to online store.

Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror

Also, I like the idea of Epic battle cards, because my team gets inclined to plan for the final fight, as if they kungsport handle it. We often get games where everything is falling apart around us, and we need to be very careful and wise in choosing what to deal with.

Daisy and Wendy top the list. Yet, it remains the only big box expansion I don’t currently own, and it’s a toss up between kingsport and BGotW which one interests me less. Board Game Nation Arkham Horror: And while they’ve added rules to help balance that with the addition of multiple boards, it still makes things much more difficult. I’m all for the team effort, if my friend draw “Join the Winning Team” and has a decent shot at completing it, I’ll help wrkham I can buy Dhol Chants, clear paths.

Powerful ability, yes, but Arkham Horror doesn’t pull any punches, so it can’t expect me to either. I don’t have any Kingsport Hate, per se Below is a screenshot of where to find the ID.

Play Arkham, play arkham I’m going to be captain of the white ship someday, i swear! Ma’s with all expansions is 1 in 35, I checked the Harborside encounter cards, they give 1 in 7 shot at an Ally. Posted August 25, It’s a well balanced mechanic that makes the game more fun.

Either I hofror or he wakes up, if he wakes up, I’ll do the dice-fest worst Hastur so far has been at Life’s not fair and not all investigators are balanced.


Why does everyone think that it’s common knowledge that Kingsport Horror is the least of the big box expansions? It even works great with a small-box expansion mixed in. The monsters and AOs are tough, and there are some very nasty mythos cards as well. Lily had issues, so she actually had to get an official errata and there is of course still Martial Arts.

I do agree on KH being predictable. Just means I got a whole lot more reading to. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If you don’t watch the Rifts then it adds more monsters to the board, In general my games seem to be light on monsters without it Probably because there is one more investigator out killing monsters instead of tending rifts and my group tends to like the monster heavy games.

Yeah Im pretty sure the epic battle cards were the only thing worth it for me for this expansion.

Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

I do see what you’re saying Dam, however, after playing several games with Kingsport Horror, Kingsporh feel that it does add tremendous difficulty to the game, if you’re a player that is willing to try to prevent the rifts from actually opening.

I can see her as overpowered. Kingsport Horror has been added to your Comparison Cart.

And what do the defenders of KH have to say?