Egri argues in The Art of Dramatic Writing against Aristotle’s view of character being secondary to plot (as stated in. Lajos Egri’s classic, The Art of Dramatic Writing, does just that, with instruction I suspect that Egri would say that it was what the author thought the premise was. Lajos Egri examines a play from the inside out, starting with the heart of any All good dramatic writing depends upon an understanding of human motives.

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If you get this wrong, you’ll lose people very quickly. SO many stories lack this and, as a result, feel empty and hollow and you often don’t know why. Feb 25, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoy the fact that Egri holds to a philology that does not seek after mysticism within creativity’s fancy wriing rather demands discipline with known dramatic elements observed over time. All of this is incredibly distracting when trying to read Lajos Egri’s classic work, so do yourself a favor and buy a different publication.

The second edition has some typos and line settings writng are ajar.

But those who flatter cannot be dranatic, and those who believe the flatterers are courting disaster. The characters jump and then The problem is the same one you have if you go to your kitchen, say, and set a stick of butter, a bag of chocolate chips, an egg, a cup of sugar, and a cup of flour next to one another.

Please try again later. See all customer images. When Juliet awakens and finds Romeo dead, without hesitation she decides to unite with him in death. Let us suppose that we want to write a play about a frugal character.

Nothing is worse than reading about or watching a story wherein the people never change or, even worse, change inexplicably and illogically.

Showing of reviews. The second egrj, “leads to,” suggests conflict, and the third part, “waste,” suggests the end of the play.


Has anybody read Maupassant’s story about the necklace that Egri discusses?

Lajos Egri – Wikipedia

No matter what caused this green-eyed monster to raise its ugly head, the important thing is that jealousy is the motivating force in this play, and since Othello kills not only Desdemona but himself as well, the premise, as we see it, is: Emotion, or the elements in or of an emotion, constitute the basic things in life. The Art of Dramatic Writing: Pages with related products. See all reviews.

I read this book many years ago, and when I asked one of my theatre professors about it, he admitted Egri had some good points ‘although sometimes he’s crazy as hell. The text is so small on the hardcopy that it is almost impossible to read.

It may revolve around itself, destroying, building — and getting nowhere. This book does that – and its principles are so valid that they apply equally well to the short story, novel and screenplay. What kind of ambition? The Foundations of Screenwriting. What is it that I like about this book?

Some readers found this annoying and stuffy, but I thought it worked well.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One of the things that makes this book a classic is its simplicity. It must have had some positive effect, because looking back years later, I realized I was the only one in my class who became a working screenwriter. He shows how it dramatkc essential for the author to have a basic premise – a thesis, demonstrated in terms of human behavior – and to develop his dramatic conflict on the basis of that behavior. Motivate Yourself to Write Daily with Words.

I just reread this book after many years. Egri provides compelling reasons for premise and then deepens this knowledge with a concern for character where the realization of character is the plot’s essence.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The author using a badly worded, false, or badly constructed premise finds himself filling space and time with pointless dialogue — even action — and not getting anywhere near the proof of his premise.


Let us pursue the idea further. He has an entire chapter devoted to character biographies, including a very robust template for creating them. The writer is exhorted to find a premise to explore and to discover which characters will most effectively demonstrate this thesis, then is shown how most effectively to place them into conflict with dra,atic other. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

The Art Of Dramatic Writing

Boy, does he really pound that in. Just a moment while we sign you dramwtic to your Goodreads account. It was honestly news to me that a play needs a “premise” and that you could boil Ibsen’s Ghosts down to “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.

Fantastic book on writing. The question is, what is the motivating force?

Lajos Egri

Egri does an amazing job breaking down how to make characters drive your story, and his principles are self-evident in that you’ll immediately recognize them at work in all great stories that you’ve read and watched.

This is what makes books real page-turners. The hypothetical questioner of these sections has an odd personality, in that they ask very specific questions but then accept Egri’s explanations rather easily. In trying to rescue a school-master from an angry crowd, Bridget is killed, and the canon loses his pride before the girl’s pure, simple faith.

A book that may be good for the beginners, but since the author assumes that all of the readers are newbies, the more advanced writers may find it to be boring and shallow.