Entre los huesos de la 1ra. y 2da línea del tarso. Une el calcáneo al astrágalo. El cuboides al navicular. 2 articulaciones: lateral. Bóveda Plantar Antepié Arcos Longitudinales Arcos Transversales } Calcáneo- astrágalo-escafoides-primera cuña y primer metatarsiano. Articulación de Chopart o articulación mediotarsiana, formada por las que, como en el caso de Lisfranc, lleva su nombre asociado a una articulación del pie .

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Chopart midtarsal joint dislocations are relatively rare but potentially serious injuries. We hope the reported case may be helpful to orthopedic surgeons facing similar cases and increasing awareness about this rare but serious entity.

Chopart fracture | Radiology Reference Article |

She was immobilized with a cast and cited at the ambulatory trauma service. Instr Course Lect ; J Foot Ankle Surg ; Chopart fractures and dislocations. Under fluoroscopic control it was performed percutaneous osteosynthesis with Kirschner wires through both joints.

Articulacjon 48 hours after surgery the patient was discharged, after skin condition and postoperative radiographs were controlled. After careful debridement of fibrous interposed tissue in the Chopart space, congruence of talonavicular and calcaneocuboidal joints was achieved.

Close reduction is a valid procedure in subluxations, acute dislocations when artichlacion could be perfectly restored or in cases where surgery is contraindicated 5,9.

Articulation de Chopart

A midtarsal joint dislocation in a year-old-woman is described, in which diagnosis was performed at 8 weeks of evolution. Introduction The midtarsal joint constitutes the anatomic limit between hindfoot and midfoot. At one-year of follow-up, loss of cho;art was not observed and the patient was pain-free, although she referred to functional limitation when running.


Subsequently, the patient should begin gradual partial and controlled weigh bearing using a custom molded foot orthotics and crutches. Often, these lesions occur in cases presenting articulzcion varus-cavus foot morphotype The injury severity was reported to the patient and a surgical reduction of the dislocation was scheduled for two days later.

The ultimate goal is to restore alignment and length in both columns of the foot, medial and lateral, getting proper congruence in the joints and ligamentous stability.

Also, good outcomes can be achieved chopqrt initially a midtarsal arthrodesis, and this could represent the best solution in case of massive articular surface destruction.

Fx en articulación de Lisfranc flashcards on Tinycards

In cases of poor outcome and at the persistence of pain will be indicated salvage procedures including osteotomies and arthrodesis. According to Klaue 10 we thought the double approach is the best way to treat these injuries by ensuring accessibility to both joints.

Foot Ankle Clin ; Classification and epidemiology of mid-foot fractures. Lisfranc and Chopart injuries. Foot Ankle Int ; Several series of cases of midtarsal fracture-dislocations are reported in the literature; however the data available on inveterate injuries is still scarce and its management it is not well defined.

Nineteen-year-old woman who came to our ambulatory trauma service with the diagnosis of a sprained right ankle for evolutionary control. Injuries of the midtarsal joint.

Foot Anatomy and Biomechanics

Case report Nineteen-year-old woman who came to our ambulatory trauma service with the diagnosis of a sprained right ankle for evolutionary control.

Both approaches are safe and allow proper display of the key elements. Ankle and foot injuries: The cuboid and distal calcaneus fractures, typically associated to midtarsal dislocations, produced by forced abduction or adduction lateral or medial stress are known as Nutcracker fractures.


Definitive diagnosis after evaluation of CT chopqrt was midtarsal dislocation of the right foot with associated fracture of the anterolateral calcaneus process Nutcracker fracture and osteochondral fracture of the talar head of approximately 8 weeks of evolution.

We recommend using orthotic insoles providing longitudinal arch support in order to prevent loss of reduction after starting to walk.

Since then, the midtarsal joint is referred as Chopart joint. Delay in diagnosis is common and may adversely affect the long-term prognosis 3.

Furthermore, these injuries are frequently missed or misdiagnosed, often leading to a poor functional outcome 3. The talus-medial cuneiform-first metatarsal axis should be lined up on both a lateral and anteroposterior radiograph.

Obtaining radiographs of the foot in three projections anteroposterior, lateral and oblique is essential.

Computed tomography CT was requested. Routine postoperative measures include rigid immobilization and no-weight bearing for a period of six to eight weeks.

The midtarsal is a low mobile but essential joint for proper mechanics and architecture of the foot. Fractures and dislocations of the midfoot: The midtarsal joint constitutes the chlpart limit between hindfoot and midfoot.