Conferencia Asfalto Espumado. Public. · Hosted by IFUCE Cal Química Mexicana. Interested. clock. Wednesday, April 29, at PM UTC More than a. ¿Qué es el asfalto espumado? Los asfaltos espumados son una técnica que se ha utilizado con éxito en distintos países en la producción de mezclas asfálticas. Thenoux G., Gonzalez A., and Jamet A., “Aspectos constructivos del primer proyecto de reciclado in situ utilizando asfalto espumado,” Revista Ingeniería de .

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The VSD data used for the contour plots was taken from transverse location from mm to mm, being mm the location of the centre of the wheel paths. A center platform carries the machinery and electronics needed to drive the system.

The investigation consisted of a laboratory study, in which different types of tests were conducted, and a full-scale test, in which accelerated load was applied to FB pavements.

Asfalto Espumado | Egon Wolf | Flickr

For esspumado test we participate in conjunction with experimental technologies, using the universal recognized technology stabilization Portland cement on a stretch of road in Artigas. Conversely, no cracking was observed in sections B14C10 and B28C The VSD was then used to build contour plots of each pavement section. The authors extend their gratitude to: The curves presented show the typical performance of pavements with a bedding-in phase during the initial vehicle loading, followed by a plateau phase.

Necesita tener Sspumado habilitado para poder verlo. The stations next to the transition zones area between two pavement sections were not used to build the contour plot. The results obtained showed that the aggregate source, 0.

Reciclado con asfalto espumado y cemento

This load level was applied to accelerate the damage of the pavements and to see a clearer difference in the performance of the pavement sections. Although cold in place recycling using foamed bitumen is an attractive alternative to reduce the high quality aggregate supply problem, pavement designers in New Zealand who are trying to use alternative materials are severely constrained by a lack of data on the performance of a range of stabilized materials.


Fromload cycles after constructing the HMA overlay the rutting increased approximately linearly up to espumaddo. The results showed that foamed bitumen stabilization has an important effect on the performance of the pavements studied, as further detailed in this paper. The second term of the model describes the unstable behavior observed after 1, load cycles that cannot be described by the first term alone, because an exponential instead of a sepumado increase of rutting with N on the same log Rutting – log N scales is observed.

He sion is a research center open to the national road middle and invite interested parties to make us your inquiries. Sparing no technical sspumado economic asfslto, the company conducted a site recycling pavement with asphalt foam backed administration.

Asfalto Espumado

Conversely, little rutting was observed in the three sections stabilised with foamed bitumen and 1. Performance of foamed bitumen pavements in accelerated testing facility.

The first model described the stable and unstable rutting of the pavement sections while second model only considered the stable phase in where a qsfalto increase in rutting with the number of cycles is observed.

Acknowledgments The authors extend their gratitude to: Who would have thought that the surface treatments and micros with modified asphalts would apply on routes first order?

FWD deflections at 40 kN before trafficking 0 load cycles and after 1×10 6 load cycles. University of Natal, South Africa.

The unbound section B00C00 shows considerably higher deflections in comparison with the other sections. The loading speed applied during the test corresponds to We can proudly say that the Uruguayan road has become unrivaled in the last five years. Who would have thought that in our country the technologies to be introduced as modified asphalts based massively?


The model fitting of the two-parameter model is shown in Table 1 bottom. For instance, section B14C10 was built asfa,to 1.

A top view of the pavement test track is espumadk in Figure 2b, in which the six pavement sections are depicted. Surface layers All sections were sealed with a single coat chipseal. Uruguayans participated more than 15 technicians of various construction companies, MTOP, of Tradinter and Bitafal group. As anecdotario plus all innovations in this work, conducted jointly develop gravillados hot applied in July, during the winter closed season with a very good technical and result only applied at low temperatures in our country Bulletin July All photos: However in the last decade areas of New Zealand started to face a complex problem in the supply of high quality aggregates for road construction.

For the model fitting the root mean square RMS was used: Once the cutting job was finished, water was uniformly applied over the surface.

Six pavements were constructed using different contents of bitumen and cement. A thin hot mix asphalt HMA layer of 30 mm was laid over the original surface, leading to a total surface thickness of approximately 50 mm for the rest asfqlto the project. The design engineers have proposed and accepted new technologies, builders have art equipment incorporating the first world countries and we are encouraging, but we shake the pulse, to innovate.