The Jovian is a heavily modified Mars Class Battlecruiser serving in the Imperial Navy. Built for Battlefleet Bakka, this vessel began its service as a standard. Battlefleet Gothic compendium: Battlefleet Bakka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fleet lists and ships for Battlefleet Bakka in Battlefleet Gothic.

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For a brief instant the Dominus Astra kept the horde back with the blaze of its weapons before the Tyranids swept in like a tide of bone and flesh to cover it with their numbers. BaronIveagh Full Member Posts: Great flares of incandescent gas gouted up from Circe to incinerate the handful of surviving ships that remained in a holocaust of flame. If there is a “gunship” concept, the fleet should focus on range, and keeping AT range.

There will be guns ablazing but they will suffer against bombers. F — Ad-mech Dictator R — Mercury Class Battlecruiser The Mercury Class Battlecruiser rear of the above photo is a battlecruiser specifically designed to hunt pirates — high speed, powerful weapons.

Dictators should be barred from reserves, no emprah. The Ultramar fleet slowed and prepared to fight again as Calgar swiftly communicated with Lord Admiral Zaccarius Rath, commander of the Tempestus fleet, and exchanged plans.


More in a post to come. This fleet comes from an alternative imperial fleet, in the venerable BFG Magazine 2, and represents the home fleet of Segmentum Tempestus. Email required Address never made public.

Disagreement is welcome batylefleet appreciated. The punishment for a penitent and a Heretic is the same, for though the God-Emperor rejoices at the righteous remorse of a penitent the sin must still be cleansed by punishment.

The Dominus Astra disappeared into the Warp, never to be seen again. Vaaish Full Member Posts: Vanquisher Need to be removed: From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum.

Battlefleet Bakka – Mercury, Dictator, and Dominators

The hologlobes were filled with ranks of red sparks as the second Tyranid Hive Fleet bore down on the warships of the combined Imperial fleet. The Loyalist force was under the command of Captain Cestus of the Ultramarines. Permanent installations are built on the black rafts. Finally, constructive criticism is what we are looking for. Giant, tracked machines extract minerals when convective flow forces important ores near the surface of the seas.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This school proposed a complete change to the fleets doctrine of attack craft -based carriers which had proved very effective against pirate squadrons.

  BS EN 1677-4 PDF

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! If you want to shell out that many points, you’ve earned those 8 AC in my view.

Battlefleet Bakka | Angry Kafeine – ENG

I am Zukov’s Klaw. Glad you liked the sandwiches. Firedagger — Side View.

This action brought them into battleefleet with the “Big-Gun Lobby” at Bakka. Realspace rippled visibly and then shuddered back before the groaning warp drives of the Dominus Astra as it hurled itself into the Warp. The defences of Macragge were hours away, damaged by the ongoing Tyranid assault but still operational. Please login or register.

bbakka Cruisers, we need to be selective here. The ONLY “fanboy” ships under discussion are those that have been in the magazine since Everything else is up for grabs as long as it doesn’t break core Imperial fleet rules. It’s how this fleet is balanced. Cause this will help me focus my unrelenting assault as to why the Jovian and Mars are on this last as written currently.