90 Supporting Information ANNEXE 1. Advice on Selecting Alternative Risk Mitigation Measures BCI Good Practice Guidelines | GLOBAL EDITION. 9 Glossary of Terms 11 Good Practice Guidelines BCI Good Practice Guidelines GLOBAL EDITION []. 4 Contents BCM Management Professional. URL: html (accessed July 23, ). BS URL: (accessed July 23, ). This page.

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What is the likely timescale within which alternative suppliers can be hci Are new products or services being developed, and if so, what are the timescales?


The cost of developing and maintaining the required level of preparedness needs to be met from these groups. Management Policy and Framework Version: Examples of products and services include: This enables BCM due diligence to be undertaken prior to a decision on the proposed change. A document stating results achieved or providing evidence of activities performed.

While veteran practitioners may share backgrounds in IT, 2001 armed forces or the emergency services, new entrants to the profession come from management consulting, information assurance, risk and insurance, compliance and quality. Strategic document Approved Manager Organisational. The duration after which an organization s viability will be irreparably damaged if a product or service delivery cannot be resumed. BCM Business Continuity Management An holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations that those threats if realized might cause, and which provides a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand, and value-creating activities.


Impact The evaluated consequence of a particular outcome. It is important to note that BCM is focused on identifying vulnerabilities within organizations, especially those gp to the underlying value they support and understanding the impact of their nonavailability over time on the organization. Start display at page:.

Good Practice Guidelines | BCI

Resilience Resources Risk The ability of an organization to resist being affected by an incident. Why do we have Good Practice Guidelines?

Supply Chain Threat Top Management Bcii Activity The linked processes that begins with the acquisition of raw material and extends through the delivery of products or services to the end user across the modes of transport. In some regulated environments a formal Risk Assessment is a mandated activity. BeyeNETWORK provides resources and professional community support for business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality.

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2010

Aim of the document: BCM is not about identifying, assessing and reporting every conceivable risk to an organization, its markets, customers and the wider world in which it operates and it is certainly not about allocating probabilities to event occurrences. Situations can threaten and disrupt your business and impact upon you and your staff. If a product or service is identified within the scope then all activities that support its delivery must be included in the BCM programme.

What is its mission, hpg reason for existence?

While BCM can demonstrate healthy adoption among medium-sized and larger organizations, there is a recognized gap in adoption among smaller businesses. Occurrence or change of a particular set of circumstances.


The questions are based upon the contents of this guide. Scope is normally limited by products and services. The vulnerabilities in the business and operating model of an organization can be considered as seven areas: These colleagues may include PR and crisis management professionals to supply chain practitioners, and human resources personnel.

A term used to cover activities in support of Product and Services which need to be done within a short timescale. RIM s Crucial Role in Business Continuity Planning The world has experienced a great deal of natural and man-made upheaval and destruction in the past few years, including tornadoes, More information. BCM is not restricted to any particular industry sector; indeed, applying Standard Industrial Classification codes to the organizations represented among the BCI s membership reveals representation in all categories.

In the more developed world of today s ERM, Business Continuity Management has been seen erroneously by some as a risk treatment for very specific types of operational events often physical in their nature and normally characterised as big impact, low frequency. There is nothing inherently corporate about BCM; however the BCI recognizes that few small business owners have the time or resources to follow the GPG completely so simpler alternative materials, grounded in the GPG, have been produced to aid them.

What has changed from the earlier version?

BCM embedded or centralised?