REF: BB_SRM_xM BeagleBoard-xM System Revision C Reference Manual BeagleBoard-xM Rev C System Reference Manual Revision April 4, BeagleBoard-xM Rev C/C1/C2 Image BeagleBoard-xM is based on the TI DM and delivers increased performance over the BeagleBoard and is based on an ARM . Bill of Materials ยท System Reference Manual. 1 Welcome to the Support Page. BeagleBone Black; BeagleBone; BeagleBoard-xM; BeagleBoard.

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Page of Go. An interrupt, if enabled, is sent to the processor via the interrupt pin.

R14 and R15, the actual voltage can be adjusted if needed. The previous version that you could download was 2. The user assumes all responsibility beagleboare liability for proper and safe handling of the goods.

BeagleBoard XM C2 Reference Manual

The camera should face to the edge of the board Left when installed. BeagleBoard-xM Expansion Headers This is a separate output from the processor and can contain different video output data from what is found on the DVI-D output if the software is configured to do it.


You may also use emulators that are either equipped with a 14 pin connector or are universal in nature. Table 31 shows the GPIO pin options that can be used on each pin of the connector.

– beagleboard-xm

Figure 51 is the design of the expansion connector and the interfaces to the processor. Send all comments and errors concerning this SRM to the author at.

Resistor R65 Following are the steps required to install the battery. Figure 6 shows the location of the USB Host connectors. Designed with the community inputs in mind, this open hardware design improves upon the laptop-like performance and expandability, while keeping at hand-held power levels.

Beagleboard:BeagleBoard-xM –

Figure 60 shows the pin number and location beqgleboard the camera connector. Voltages Page – P10 Camera Signals Pin Changed POP memory part number due to obsolescence of the current device.

This enables the port to automatically switch the TX and RX leads if needed. There is no way for the user to generate a warm reset on the BeagleBoard.

S-Video Interface Page 97 – Figure Enter text from picture: The primary function of this circuit it to prevent voltage levels in excess of the specification from reaching other circuitry on the board and causing damage to the board. Table 5 shows which of these GPIO pins are used in the design and whether they are inputs or outputs.


BeagleBoard-xM System Reference Manual

Either of these images can be used. P11 Lcd Signals Whether or not the Beagle will support those monitors is dependent on the timings that are used on the BeagleBoard and those that are accepted by the monitor. Figure 42 is the microSD interface design on the BeagleBoard. The default for the BeagleBoard is 1.

This is detected on pin P12 of the TPS You can download the file at Allegro Viewer. This document provides detailed information on the overall design and usage of the BeagleBoard from the system level perspective.

Estos capas son expansiones las cuales pueden ser conectadas a la BeagleBone hasta cuatro a la vez. It is recommended that you use 7-zip when unzipping these files.

Manhal otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons. Xm Revision B Vs.