The Elephant Man. by Bernard Pomerance. Full Length Play, Drama / 6m, 2f. John Merrick is a horribly deformed young man – victim of rare skin and bone. Super Short Summary. Joseph Merrick is a freak show attraction because he is severely deformed. Doctor Frederick Treves takes him into the London hospital. The Elephant Man is based on the life of John Merrick who lived in London during the latter part of the nineteenth century. A horribly deformed.

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Goodreads maj you keep track of books you want to read. The idea that the hospital’s sanitizing of Merrick didn’t allow him the authentic human experience was saddening. He finally begs for the bishop to help him. My students can help me figure it all out! Samuel French The Elephant Man.

Have we nothing to say, John? An excellent play – much more condensed than the movie, but a powerful discussion of perception, gaze, reflection, and charity the motives ebrnard same. With only 21 short scenes including a striking dream sequenceit offers a different perspective to Merrick’s story. View all 8 comments.

The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance and directed by Rick Sebastian (Matinee)

He was highly intelligent. John Merrick has a visitor by the name of Madge Kendalan actress who came across Carr-Gromm’s section in the newspaper. Treves enters and is shocked, sending Mrs. Throughout the play you will find the character philosophizing and engaging in thoughtful conversations The play I read from “The Burns Mantle Theatre Yearbook the Best Plays of ” is only a few pages in length. Aug 23, Christy rated it liked it. As in David Lynch ‘s The Elephant Man whose production company ended up being sued because of the similar plot to Pomerance’s playPomerance’s The Elephant Man shows Merrick as the victim of patronizing Treves, and as the center of attention of his high society acquaintances who lavish him with gifts, but don’t seem to be interested in him as a person.

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Merrick asks Treves what he believes about God and heaven. Anyone playing the part of Merrick should be advised to consult a physician pometance the problems of sustaining any unnatural or twisted position.

However, I soon realised that what the writer meant to explain was what I would write as “First chance I had to bathe regular Points beautifully to the fact that every one of us is human beneath our skin. This is a great script that leads to a very powerful production on-stage.

If you are not a reader of scripts, I highly recommend the viewing of a Production of The Elephant Man as soon as the opportunity brrnard. Beautiful, brilliant and moving, The Elephant Man play by Bernard Pomerance is a sensitive look into John Merrick’s mind, what his thoughts and feelings might have been. Kendal, he does not believe she will return. One is left to really embrace the fact that we are lucky to have not gone through what John Merrick himself had endured.

Bernard Pomerance – The Elephant Man

I’ll eventually read the actual published history that Treves wrote along with Montagu’s book, both mentioned in the play’s introductory note which inspired Pomerance to write this play. The play itself is wonderfully written, but leaves a lot of room for directors input. Oct 24, Taylor Hudson rated it really liked it Shelves: Then he confronts Treves, criticizing what he did to Mrs. Available at BBC Radio 7. It comes out that the real source of his frustrations is the chaos of the world around him, with his patients seemingly doing everything they can to shorten their own lives.


Last year, I finally watched the David Lynch film; and as I did with a few other movies last year, thought I would also read the book. Though, as The Elephant Man was a moving play which featured a young man going through a problem that no one could understand. A really interesting play!

The Elephant Man (play) – Wikipedia

It is truly a tragedy, regarding the poor life of this innocent man. Casting Notes No one with any history of back trouble should attempt the part of Merrick as contorted. The dialogue and implications are important and influential in this play that I only had the pleasure to beenard and not see.

When he asks Treves if he has anything elephanr to add, a distressed Treves says he does not and leaves.

Merrick admits that he has never even seen a naked woman. Retrieved 8 June