bc. BILLY BUNTER and THE MAGNET Page amended 4th February, Just ONE page on the Collecting Books and Magazines web site based in Australia. Results 1 – 48 of £6 each Here are the numbers- Summer omnibus Billy bunters own no 12 Greyfriars holiday annual , , , When. Billy Bunter: Film Star (Magnet Facsims.) [Frank Richards] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It is clear that many of the boys and girls who write these letters are living a complete fantasy-life. Wally of the Remove.

Over an enormously long writing career Hamilton was so successful in creating a local habitation and a place that the Kent where Greyfriars was situated became at least as real as the real thing.

Billy Bunter’s main redeeming feature is the very genuine love and concern he has for his mother. The Secret of the Wires. As you rightly say, he affirmed a powerful and consistent code of male behaviour rooted in an idiosyncratic mixture of nineteenth-century notions: He believes that ‘the working class of the inter-war period appreciated [Hamilton’s] portrayal of a moral society.


Allee samee in China. Soon the Famous Five vanished from the strip, replaced by Jones minor, who had all the good qualities Bunter lacked, but who was prone to being led astray bilky Bunter.


In a series of stories in which Bunter unsuccessfully attempts, in turn, a physical exercise regime, hypnotism, and mind reading, a visiting ventriloquism show inspires Bunter to believe that he is a born ventriloquist. Retrieved 27 July In Hamilton’s life story one can glean the possibility of a doomed romance, the struggle to adapt to a loss of physical resilience, a man who gambled away his considerable wealth in Monte Carlo and, for a time after the war, was in considerable financial difficulty.

Substitute Story, Reginald S Buntr.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. British boys’ story papers Fictional characters introduced in Series of books Fictional British people Child characters in literature British comic strips comics debuts Comics characters introduced in comics debuts British comics characters Male characters in literature Child characters in comics Male characters in comics Gag-a-day comics School-themed comics Novels set in the United Kingdom Comics set in the United Kingdom Novels adapted into comics British novels adapted into plays British novels adapted into films Novels adapted into radio programs Novels adapted into television programs Boarding school fiction.

He is proud to know that his writings were read in the trenches in one war, and in the Western Desert in another. His schoolfellows are tired of hearing about the host of footmen, the Rolls-Royce cars, the horses, the gorgeous picture gallery, the gardens, lake, etc. The peculiar policy of the militant Suffragettes, attacking friends as well as foes, had its natural effect.


Bunter, for once, was thinking of someone other than himself. Write a customer review.

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As early asin The Magnet issuea map appeared of the Greyfriar’s environment. In the next set of stories they fall again. Hamilton’s large cast of characters came, as did the magazines’ readers, from all over the Bunted. Such knowledge would swiftly be shared through Bunter’s habit of gossiping.

Billy Bunter

CP3 Collectors’ Pie No 3. Wilson, Jonathan Bunter. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to compare Bunter with the similarly obese Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter books. The Observer, June UK buyers can pay by cheque, postal order, or PayPal. I posted extracts here bill a Magnet story published during the early stages of the Spanish Civil War.

A curious and somewhat convoluted extension of this distancing act occurs in Val Andrews detective novel Sherlock Holmes and the Greyfriars School mystery. He is always the last to rise from his bed in the morning and always chooses to remain in bed for a few extra minutes in preference to washing himself. His character is, in many respects, bjlly highly obnoxious anti-hero. Richards, Jeffrey Happiest days: Why should it need showing?