In a month or so I plan on running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with my group. This being partially inspired by the vampire kick I’ve been on. Expeditio n to Castle Ravenloft cenrers around the vampire. Strahd von Zarovich. As Dungeon Master,you must play him as carefully as the playe rs run their cha. CASTLE RAVENLOFT? The Expedition to Castle Raventoft campaign adventure is designed for four 6th-level Duucaous ┬┐St [email protected] charac- ters (though.

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Ready for the final confrontation, the PCs explore the rest of the castle until they encounter Strahd again in the room foretold by the Fortunes of Ravenloft. Do vastle suggest, promote, or perform piracy.


Finally, the lay of the cards casts omens about their path, which translate into combat penalties and bonuses within certain areas of Castle Ravenloft. Originally Posted by Mordokai. I imagine there’s no better place to contract taint than Barovia doubly so the castle itselfbut really, the mechanics itself don’t lend itself well.

You really need those relics to hurt Strahd, protect yourself, and keep him dead. The weakest part of CoS seems to be the adventure hoot tie-ins to Faerun in the beginning, especially those relating to factions.

The randomization by taroka deck is still there.

So, he became a Vampire in hopes of being able to deal with the Dragon. It was published in October Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. As far as Ccastle, mechanically he is an unoptimized, unfocused mess.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: If the PCs work for Department-7 or a similar organization, they are sent to investigate this mysterious castle; otherwise, they learn of it during their own investigations.


ravenlkft Finally, they track the source of the zombie scourge to the church and the village priest, driven to madness by the death of his son. They arrive in Barovia and discover the zombie infestation. One look at the two page stat block not write up – stat block was it – I officially switch to Savage Worlds and never looked back.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Jeref had been hunting werewolves at the outer edge of the Svalich Woods, and came home to stock up on silversheen before fighting the beasts.

The order of the PCs’ explorations, however, is fluid. If you so desire, you can truncate the adventure even further, so that it takes about four sessions to play through.

The short passage Gevyen discovered mentions three holy shrines dedicated to saints of Lathander in the same remote region, as well as two powerful artifacts.

An organization known as the Lightbringers, dedicated to fighting the undead, sends out a call for help — a call that reaches the PCs’ ears. Strahd can spend action points just as characters can — and he does so freely, knowing that his supply will quickly be replenished. Looking at his abilities it appears he was meant to blast the party wth some high level spells, then enter melee to further debuff them and restock on spell before retreating and using magic at range again.

The mists seem like a good mechanism already in place. Wizards of the Coast. I already know that I am going to trim the opening zombie section to maybe just one initial fight, the courtyard rumble, and then maybe one more when zombies attack the barricades or something.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft – Wikipedia

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: The minicampaign takes place in castlle acts that roughly correspond to the next three chapters of this book. Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to In addition, you should probably make a list of the events because it may change how the NPCs play, maybe even their location.

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The PCs know of the Dragon and want him dead too.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft — Table of Contents

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DnD submitted 2 years ago by Necroticbanana. My final tip is do some research on horror and story telling.

The villagers speak of witches and werewolves that haunt the surrounding wilderness. The book suggests the taint mechanic in Heroes of Horror.

Monstrous wolves, ghostly spirits, giant bats, and bestial ogres are said to terrorize the area, known as Barovia, tucked away in an isolated part of eastern Europe. Originally Posted by Crothian.

He spends most of his time in the castle, but he goes to the villages occasionally. On the other hand, it contributes to an antagonistic relationship between the DM and the players, which is not a good racenloft for an ongoing campaign.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. A constable, duty collector, or other official in one of the regions near Barovia asks the PCs to help root out a group of smugglers operating in the area. Reset Fields Log in. Strahd has only a single goal in the short adventure.