Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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These international standards include the ISO family of standards relating to quality system management, and the ISO series for certification of environmental management systems. At Tamron, we have addressed such issues as energy savings and waste reduction and recycling for reducing environmental loads generated from the manufacture of products.

From portraits to landscapes and studio work, enjoy rendering power like never before. Background accessories White backgrounds of all types Black backgrounds of all types Paper backgrounds up to 1. Retouching supplies – Brushes Various accessories darkroom antistatic Cards Black and White baryta Black and White paper polythene Black and White paper polythene Multigrade Black and White chemistry Colors chemistry Various chemistries Filters for printing focusers magnifiers magnifiers accessories Lamps and filters for darkroom Print washers Easels Lenses for magnifiers cutters Tank and Accessories Timer – Analyzers.

Di series Nikon mount lenses with built-in AF motors are not equipped with aperture rings. Tamron catalogo obiettivi Less.

OBIETTIVI Ob. Non originali pag.1

SinceTamron has also issued Environmental Reports to introduce its socially responsible philosophy and practices for environmental preservation. Lenses for Digital Cameras and Video Cameras Tamron has earned high marks from the market by providing optical lens units that meet the demands of the latest high-resolution CCDs. Conservation and protection of natural resources 3. Moisture-resistant Construction A moisture-resistant construction helps prevent moisture from penetrating the lens.

In addition, IF improves optical performance by minimizing illumination loss at the corners of the image field vignettingand helps to suppress other aberrations that become more troublesome at takron focusing positions.

Includes the weight of the detachable tripod mount. This nanostructured layer coupled with the sophisticated multiple layer coatings underneath, yields significant anti-reflection properties, efficiently reducing undesired flare and ghosting to an absolute minimum to deliver sharp, crisp images. Di series Nikon mount lenses cataloto built-in AF motors cannot be used with the cameras indicated at right.

LENSES » Not original Lenses

Only the MF mode is available. At Tamron, we recognize the significance of our social responsibilities. Page 1 of Spherical surface The uncorrected height of incident light rays through a spherical lens element Spherical lens element More compact lenses with the same speed: This oblettivi one to capture photos of a world with subtle details the naked eye tends to miss.


Ideal also for macro photography, the lens sports a minimum focusing distance of 0. Prevention gamron environmental contamination 4. The inclusion of VC provides stability when shooting at the telephoto range, which is susceptible to blurring due to camera shake, and offers more freedom for hand-held shooting under low light, such as evening and night scenes. This key component enables zoom lens barrels to be extended and retracted effortlessly, achieving commendably compact dimensions at the wide-angle settings, while holding precise extension at telephoto settings.

For details, please refer to the following table. Combining a wide range of shooting scenarios with high definition, high performance and high quality, this lens will continue to open up new possibilities in photographic expression.

Tamron also uses flower shaped hoods for models that employ internal focusing, including wide angle lenses. Image plane Image plane Regular Optical Glass LD Glass The difference in chromatic aberration between normal optical glass and LD glass obiettifi schematic diagram Catakogo effect with an aspherical lens element schematic diagram The difference in partial dispersion factors between normal optical glass and AD glass elements schematic diagram Regular Optical Glass Possesses a relatively uniform partial dispersion ratio Extremely large partial dispersion ratio relatively to a specific wavelength zone AD Glass Distortion Correction Barrel type Aspherical surface Compensation pbiettivi Spherical Aberration The corrected height of incident light rays at the image obiettici Image plane Image plane Image plane Aspherical lens element Unbalanced height of oblique incident light rays causes distortion at the image plane.

The Key to Attaining the Highest Image Quality Tamron uses advanced multi-coating techniques to suppress reflections and light dispersion on lens element surfaces that result in reduced light transmission and may, under tsmron conditions, cause flare and ghost images that reduce contrast and can diminish image quality.

Link to Brands Sales conditions.

Olympus OBIETTIVI Moltiplicatori – Duplicatori pag.1

The full-time manual focus mechanism allows you to intervene at any time even in the autofocus mode, for fast and convenient, fine and precise adjustments in sharpness.

With two specialized XLD elements and one LD element, obiettivi lens reliably delivers sharp images by fully correcting any aberration. The result is a much easier handheld shooting experience. Medium size Stands Heavy Stands.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi 2014

Glass of this type provides an abnormally large partial dispersion ratio amount of diffraction for light of specific wavelength ranges colors within the visible spectrum.

Corrects aberrations effectively to deliver high rendering performance. With its compact, lightweight design, this telephoto zoom lens offers exceptional mobility, while giving you impressive mm telephoto mm equivalent with APS-C size DSLRs images and full-fledged macro shooting obiettiv a maximum magnification of 1: Sublimation Paper for printers.


Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. This in turn causes the adjacent metallic rotor to rotate by means of deflective traveling waves when voltage of a specific frequency is applied. The BBAR BroadBand Anti-Reflection multiple-layer coating technique also helps to provide the best txmron color balance for vibrant and accurate color rendition.

Chroma Key Backgorounds Degraded backgrounds Canvas backdrops portable reclosable Canvas backdrops spotted Cenvas one color backdrops Vinyl backdrops Backlit backdrops Various backdrops. PZD Unit Diagram USD Ultrasonic Silent Drive USD Ultrasonic Silent Drive is an ingeniously upgraded autofocus-drive system developed by Tamron to deliver the extraordinary auto-focusing speed and precision needed to capture every nuance of high-speed sports action, along with virtually noiseless operation as required for discreet picture taking.

Tamron also produces obifttivi, compact zoom lenses for video cameras with high performance and superb image quality. In such a case, use one of the following methods to fix the problem.

This enhanced level of control results in much lower levels of on-axis central chromatic aberration for telephoto lenses or zooms used at telephoto settings and a significant reduction of lateral peripheral chromatic aberration for wide-angle lenses or zooms used at wide-angle settings.

Engineering Plastics Technology To ensure the highest oniettivi of performance and durability without adding additional weight, Tamron High-Power Zoom Lenses make extensive use of engineering plastic materials in many critical mechanical components of the lens.

Principles enabling more compact sizes at the same lens brightness XR glass, with its superior light-bending power, makes it possible to design a short-barrel lens with the same light-gathering ability aperture value as a atmron lens—even with a smaller lens diameter.

Sophisticated Tamron Production Technology Tamron manufacturing processes are certified to demanding ISO standards, an internationally recognized indicator of the most thorough quality control. In combination with LD elements, XLD elements are used to achieve sophisticated lenses that deliver the highest possible contrast, the finest detail, and superior imaging performance throughout the entire zoom range. By utilizing XR Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has achieved a compact size together with good correction of aberrations while maintaining the optimum balance of overall optical power.