Manuals and User Guides for Celestron NexStar SLT. We have 1 Celestron NexStar SLT manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. View and Download Celestron NexStar SLT quick setup manual online. Celestron NexStar SLT: Quick Setup. NexStar SLT Telescope pdf manual . SkyQ Link WiFi Module Version 2 Manual – Celestron provides this sheet for download for both modules. CPC and CPC NexStar SLT Series. NexStar+ Hand.

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Through the murk I could see a bright object up to my left. What pleased me greatly was that the mount appeared to work fine with a set of rechargeable batteries even though their voltage is a little less. Celestron chd refractor telescope instruction manual, 18 pages. Having set up the scope using SkyAlign a few times, there was one thing that I found just a bit too clever. This is also Caldwell 39 and NGC I switched on the telescope and the controller asked me to choose a country and then a city United Kingdom and Manchester.

This would allow other optical tubes to be fitted provided they are not too heavy. This is in contrast to an equatorial mount when, apart from small corrections, only one drive is running. The rates at which the two drive motors run will vary during this time. A small ring on the centre of the primary mirror helps to carry out collimation if necessary.


Ditto re the barrel interior. Called SkyAlign it is wonderfully simple to use. Observing ones eye reflecting in manyal secondary and primary mirrors through the eyepiece indicated that the collimations was not far off. Earlier in the day I had aligned the red dot finder with the optical axis of the telescope by observing the top of a distant street lamp. Do so without moving its position.

Celestron NexStar SLT Computerized Telescope Manual

There is a socket to provide an external 12 volts from a mains adapter, car lighter socket or external battery These are all additional accessories. As a result, I have never been too keen to recommend them to beginners. They are made of thin steel tensioned by screws around the optical tube. Budget manuwl will usually give a good image in the central part of the field of view but optical aberrations become apparent towards the edge of the field.

The most common is called lateral colour which means that a bright object will show some colour fringing near the field edge. The manual states that objects are included.

However, inCelestron came up with a new method of implementing the initial alignment of a scope. If eclestron happens inadvertently one can only continue very, very slowly. I was then asked which method of alignment I wished to use. I think I would rather the software was not as clever and one had to change the rate in the usual fashion.

Again, indications of a good mirror and collimation. Testing the eyepiece in the provided telescope will be fine to detect this, but it is harder to test other aberrations in this way as a Newtonian, no matter how well made, will exhibit some coma away form the field centre and stellar images begin to look like little comets. Got it, continue to print.


To attach the finderscope, loosen the silver screw and slide finderscope into mounting platform. Takes you on a tour of the best objects in the sky at the time of observation.

The mount came already mated to its tubular tube stainless steel tripod. For this purpose they are vastly better than the cheap 6 x 30 which in practice are sometimes stopped down to nearer 10 straight through finders.

Before you can begin observing,you must setup your hand control, align your finderscope and align your telescope. Used with the 9mm eyepiece, this will give the effect of a 4.

Celestron NexStar 130SLT Manuals

It thus knows all that is needed to compute the azimuth and altitudes of other objects in its catalogue. A few small points: The Alt-Azimuth mount and tripod. Nicely centred In the field and more obvious than the Auriga clusters as this part of the sky was clearer. The brightest stars in the SAO Smithsonian ……….