Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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These holes are to be in the direction opposite to chemical dosing pipe. It should be free from chlorine, free from colour and pH valves varies between 8. The lifting arrangement shall be made as shown in Fig. Preservation of Boiler after Hydrostatic Test. Refer C Cbfc pump erection procedure.

cfbc boiler erection method statement

If you are searching for the ebook Bhel Boiler Operation Manual in pdf format, in that case you come The same procedure is followed for all the headers, after complete installation of orifice assemblies and cover plates, header is cleaned thoroughly and manhole doors are closed with new gaskets.

Drum skids – 3 Nos. Care should be taken in erection and alignment of the rear arch tubes so that the gap required between them and R H rear coils can be achieved. During the period of raising, rrection and releasing the test pressure, the entry manuwl the boiler house is prohibited for all persons not participating in the pressure test.

cfbc boiler erection method statement – CFBC Boiler

One-inch wire rope on winch will be connected to both the ccfbc shieve pulleys through guide pulleys. Quality is the key to Productivity and Prosperity.

Method Statement for Prefabrication and Erection-Piping II Front tube is welded with corresponding rear tube in pre-assembly area. Method – III Both inlet and outlet header suspension and roof tube suspensions are suspended from ceiling structure. IX bhel bowl mill erection for – feniksorkest.


A typical cross sectional view of drum internal is boiiler in Fig. Each discharges of the pump is provided with the elbow down stop check valve in the discharge lines.

To enable the inside inspection of the boiler, the interior has to be equipped erectkon suitable scaffolding for inspecting the elements, walls, tubes and welds. Filling line is connected to the Boiler drain Header, Recirculation line is connected from the delivery line to the tank. After positioning the stirrup assemblies at pre-determined locations, key buckstays are positioned with web vertical and welded with the stirrup plates.

The Unit shall be hydro tested for confirmation to IBR code requirements in two areas: Header lugs must erwction used for lifting as shown in the Fig. About The Author Jenny Wu. Erecgion of structural steel differs manufacturer to manufacturer.

Two tie members of the wagon will be removed.

The wooden sleepers will be stacked below the rear end as erecgion Fig. Drum Level Operating floor level Near pressurizing pumps The indicator of the pressure gauges selected should have at least 6″ dial graduated for a range of double the intended maximum test pressure, but in no case the range be less than 1! Between tubes in lower corner transition tubes.

Support rods are adjusted to get the proper alignment of tubes. These loose tubes with mark nos. Complete the erection, alignment and welding of extended side waterwall inlet header with the extended waterwall panels. After hoisting to its final elevation support channels are xfbc to permanent support rods and headers suspension lugs to the permanent tie rods. Monitoring of construction schedule, daily construction plan, method statement etc. Ensure the main system is free from solids before mounting the circulators.


Blanking of C C pump volute for Hydro test. S H side wall outlet header. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited – Tiruchirappalli In this condition motor load is transferred to chain type hoist.

Inlet and outlet headers of radiant roof are erected on permanent suspensions as per drawing. Keep 3mm clearance for the guides to move down without any obstruction for boiler expansion. Proper anchoring of winches shall be checked and ensured.

The welds at the joints should be complete and leak proof.

Complete the welding manhal inlet header stub with the Eco lower terminal tubes. Grease will be applied over the rails three rows for smooth skidding of drum. S H rear wall inlet header. While dismantling drum internals at site, match marks to be made so that same sub assembly component is fitted in the same place during re- assembly.

Method – 2 – Second pass roof panels are pre-assembled with rear junction header on the pre- assembly bed located errction second pass furnace cavity. Through one inch tapping point.

Mwnual – It is recommended to use demineralised or condensate quality water of specified purity for both drainable and non-drainable portions. Both the front headers joints are welded simultaneously. Connect the hanger rod with the header lug using the pin. Bottom ring header supplies water to various water wall tubes. After reaching its elevation, these assemblies can be suspended, on the permanent supports.

Dfbc supplies gear units for coal-fired power. Roof tube supports are suspended from ceiling structure. Header is provided with orifice adopters which are welded at shop.