Whatever your level of technical experience, our Chevrolet S10 – repair manual gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of repair and. Chevrolet S Owner’s Manual. Litho in U.S.A.. ECopyright General Motors Corporation 06/28/ Part Number C A First Edition. All Rights Reserved. Results 1 – 48 of Haynes Repair Manual New Chevy Olds S10 Pickup Chevrolet S Blazer 98 Chevrolet S10 Pickup/S Pickup owners manual.

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Trailer Brakes If your trailer weighs more than 1, lbs. If you hear a hiss, wait for that to stop. This manual includes the latest information at the time it was printed.

Call it highway hypnosis, lack of awareness, or whatever. Exit Lighting With exit lighting, the interior lamps will come on when you remove the key from the ignition to help you see while exiting the vehicle.

Got it, continue to print. Disconnect the black negative – cable from the vehicle with the good battery. Weatherstrips Weatherstrips Silicone grease on weatherstrips will make them last longer, seal better, and not stick or squeak.

Section 7 Customer Assistance and Information Keep turning the wheel wrench until the spare tire can be pulled out from under the vehicle. Page Safety Belt Reminder Light This light comes on when the fuel tank is low on fuel. In an emergency without this manual you have little hope of a quick solution.

Chevrolet S Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

This manual is just OK. There is a gender difference, too. This light should come on, as a check to show you it is working, when the ignition is on and the engine is not running.


See Top Strap on page if the child restraint has one. Whatever your level of technical experience, our Chevrolet S10 — repair manual e10 you a step-by-step walkthrough of repair and maintenance procedures from teardown to overhaul. Squeeze the tabs together and push that end of the assembly out while holding the tabs. Don’t show me this message again. You can choose among three driving settings: Ownere Replacement Matching Transmitter s to Your Vehicle Each remote keyless entry transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle.

Press and hold MIN until the correct owenrs appears on the display.

Push the tab away from you for normal daytime operation. I will never again buy the other guys manuals Still the sophistication or density of the wiring in these trucks if you will cannot be presented where you really would like to have it. This vehicle has one double-sided key for the ignition and door locks.

We, therefore, recommend that owndrs restraints be secured in a rear seat outside position, including an infant riding in a rear-facing infant seat, a child riding in a forward-facing child seat and an older child riding in a booster seat. When you are doing this check, your vehicle could begin to move.

Have you purchased the GM Protection Plan? Try to learn of any blocked or closed roads. Extra fuses and the fuse extractor are provided in the cover.

But they have their own special rules. Page The heavier the rain, the harder it is to see. Page Setting the Time cont. During very cold, damp weather more frequent application may be required. Use your fog lamps for better vision in foggy or misty conditions.


As you brake, your computer keeps receiving updates on wheel speed and controls braking pressure accordingly.

Chevrolet S-10 Owners Manuals

These mean there is something that could hurt you or other people. Adding Equipment to Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle If I add a push bumper or a bicycle rack to the front of my vehicle, will it keep the air bags from working properly?

Be sure to include the weight of the occupants as part of your load. Braking In Emergencies The anti-lock system can change the brake pressure faster than any driver could. Camper Center of Gravity B.


But trailering is different than just driving your vehicle by itself. When your vehicle is hydroplaning, it has little or no contact with the road. If you slid under it, the belt would apply force at your abdomen.

I changed out my injector spider along with the fuel regulator that was under the plenum of my 4. See Cleaning the Outside of Your Vehicle on page Lap Belt Lap Belt When you sit in the center seating position, you have a lap safety belt, which has no retractor. Turn the knob to increase or to decrease. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.