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It is a psalm rich in spirituality and full of thanksgiving. When we speak of the Lord Jesus Christ, we say the same thing. One of his most famous pieces was titled On the Incarnation. Verses six to ten then show how our Lord Jesus proceeded to turn the water coptix wine, even though the hour of the Lord had not yet come.

Her beautiful prayer was similar to the words of Hannah, the mother of the great prophet Samuel.

When Our Lord Jesus Christ became incarnate, and took our form, and redeemed us on the wood of the Cross, He restored man to his original rank who was created in His image and likeness. How can this be possible if we are praying by ourselves the Psalmody or any other prayer alone? How beautiful it is that we may worship the Holy Trinity, understanding each Hypostasis from a simple hymn!

Our earthly sins which are our chains are broken by the power of prayer and by the sacrifice of praise. Let a man not cease to live well, and then he praises God forever. If we look at the words, we may notice a penitent approach in this hymn. Later, the elder died, but continued to guide him through revelations, and the pilgrim slowly advanced to say the Jesus Prayer continuously in paslmody heart, using the breathing techniques. We begin the Sunday Psali for the Lord Jesus with this verse.

One final symbol is made concerning the Ark. Not only are they there to pray for us, but to walk with us, encouraging us every step of the way, brining us up when we are brought very low, and reminding us of the beauty of the Lord. The old man has an old song, the new man a new song.

The two natures of the Ark are the gold and the wood; the wood symbolizing the humanity, and the gold symbolizing the divinity. The story begins with the pilgrim in Church, when he heard an epistle of St. What equals this beauty is the fact that as God joined them and stood in their presence, the chains that bound the three youths were loosened.


Pope Shenouda III mentions the beauty behind this when he says that this not only helps us meditate and hear the Words of God when we pray, but in reciting them over and over, we learn to memorize them so that we become enflamed and surrounded by the Holy Words of God. Ten represents the number of perfection meaning perfect praise, which is exactly what we should offer God for His goodness, blessings, and perfect care which He continually offers to us.

Book of the Midnight Praises (Holy Psalmody)

This is the psapmody verse psalmkdy in the First Canticle. She bokk not arise after a month, or after a couple of months, but she arose in the very days of receiving the good news. Even though she held such a high position, she still answered the Angel Gabriel in this humble manner saying. As we mentioned earlier, because of the envy of the devil, and our persistence to detach ourselves from him, rebuking his ways, he co;tic come with a whole army of devils to try to lure us away from the love of God.

Alleluia, His mercy endures forever. Because of their sin, and because we are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, we ask the creation to join us in prayer, that God may restore us to the original state in which He created us, and place us once again into the New Garden of Eden, the Paradise of Joy.

Luke, when the Angel Gabriel appeared to St. God was standing in their midst. This can also be likened to our spiritual lives. Cymbals touch one another in order to sound, bbook therefore they are compared to our lips.

Around this time, a man named Pliny the Lesser, a Governor of States of the Roman Empire, was asked to write a report to the Emperor on the people called the Christians. This section contains studies on the music, hymns and rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church, written by members of the HCOC choir, CMN members and the general public, and are written specifically for this site.

The Holy Psalmody –

When we have become involved in praising God and glorifying Him, we have the participation of the victorious church with us.

We learn what they endured when we sing their doxologies and are often reminded that just as they endured, so shall we if we walk with the Lord. It has brought light to those blinded by ignorance. We will meditate on these symbols, but let us first meditate on the Theotokos, St. The Old Testament is an old song, the New Testament boook new song.


Another beautiful meditation concerning the symbol of St. The Second Canticle is taken from Psalm We realize the status of St.

Osalmody the enemy has decided ppsalmody pursue, overtake and divide the spoil, trying to destroy us, he cannot and will not touch those who follow God. The Lord commanded Moses saying.

Studies in Hymnology

The book has been edited and was forwarded by H. We raised the question as to the placement of this hymn in the Holy Psalmody, questioning why one must pray this hymn after they have stood before the Throne of God. His light shines on us like the sun as we walk the path of life and in the end as we cross to the other side, living with Him and glorifying His Name!

The natural reaction of a man rescued from the pains of slavery, and adopted to become a son of the King, would be one full of thanksgiving. As noted in the previous point, the severity behind approaching the Holy Communion without a clean heart is a great sin, so great that it becomes a judgement to us.

Blessed is our God, Who uses the nature, the things which He has created so that we may learn and be spared from eternal condemnation!

Mary but also on her life of humility and service being the highest saint of heaven, and the perfect model of Christianity. We too, may also fall into this despair, and desire to return to the land of bondage. This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. The guards laid hold of the three youths because of their disobedience of the command to worship the golden idol, and brought them to the king.

Although it was the monks who brought this prayer into the Church, it is a prayer that should be recited by all believers.

How can we praise the Lord our God if we do not read the Book of Life, and listen to the words of the Lord? The lampstand carries the light, therefore St.