Qt4 buttons. PyQt4 button example PyQt4 (Qt4) supports buttons through the Python Programming Full Course (Basics, OOP, Modules, PyQt) · Create Simple . Documentation Qt de référence en français. Cette traduction de la documentation de Qt a été effectuée par l’équipe Qt de , avec l’accord de. This thread is called the “main thread” (also known as the “GUI thread” in Qt . During the course of processing, status information should be sent to the GUI.

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Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. Qt developers are used to working with this kind of asynchronous behavior because it is much similar to the kind of event-driven couds used in GUI applications. QtConcurrent provides the map function for applying operations on every container element, filter for selecting container elements, and the option of qf4 a reduce function for combining the remaining elements. In August a Finnish development company Digia cours qt4 pdf Qt for beginners Finding information in the documentation Qt documentation is coura very valuable piece of information.

We can write the same “hello thread” program as above using the global thread pool. To avoid the cost of thread creation, a thread pool can be used. Data does not have to be serialized and copied.

PySide Video Tutorials – Qt Wiki

While the media player is sending music to the audio driver, the user interface with all its bells and whistles is being constantly updated. We want to produce a couurs application. The worker object’s methods should not be called directly after the object has been moved to another thread. This example is purely at4 instructional use and shows how to communicate from a worker thread to a GUI thread.

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QtConcurrent Map is a very short and clear example about how a container of images can be scaled on all available cores.

Sometimes it is necessary to access one object from different threads; for example, when objects living in different threads need to communicate.

Qt for beginners Finding information in the documentation Qt documentation is a very valuable piece of information.

In such a scenario, locking can be achieved with a mutex that is kept outside of the object to be manipulated. It is easy to start other threads, but very hard to ensure that all shared data remains consistent. The current trend in CPU design is to have several cores.

One cous is that external mutexes aid locking, but do not enforce it because users of the object may forget to use it. Thread has two additional public members. The following examples can all be compiled and run independently.

Qt Documentation

So what can be done safely? Using QtConcurrent Example 3: Starting a thread is very simple. On Linux, Valgrind and Helgrind can help detect threading errors. The trickiest part of this example is that the timer is connected to its slot via a direct connection. A mutex is an object that has lock and unlock methods and remembers if it is already locked. Simultaneous execution of operations on one object must be prevented.

Two more examples show how to communicate with a running thread and how a QObject can be placed in another thread, providing service to the main thread. There is a shared copy of the code and a separate stack for each thread. Vous pouvez obtenir un certificat de russite l’issue de ce cours. The result is a frozen application. Permet d’afficher la date et l’heure du systme l’aide de QDate et QTime ou QDateTime avec un rafrachissement toutes les secondes ralis par un QTimer cours qt4 pdf Qt4 pdf ebook This book is currently out of stock, but the ebook is still available.


So how is it possible to put a method invocation in an event loop? Sometimes the need to lock spans several calls.

Programmation Qt

Now the thread pool runs our worker in another thread. Here is an example of two processes working in parallel: Make processing faster by making use of multicore processors. As a result, distributing work to more than one thread can make a program run much faster on multicore CPUs because additional cores can be used.

Let us look at a short piece of code that generates another thread which says hello in that thread and then exits. This is an alternative to having one or multiple threads, each with a blocking read on a slow network connection. We will install the Qt4 library and create our first small Qt4 application. Using the thread pool has a performance advantage because threads are not destroyed after they have finished running.

A Permanent Thread Digging Deeper. Contents What Are Threads? However, QtConcurrent can’t be used when communication with the running thread is needed, and it shouldn’t be used to handle blocking operations.

The source can be found in the examples directory: