Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist () responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late s and early s. Generally, it looks at police corruption. We tend to associate political theatre with the glum and the strident. But Dario Fo’ s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which Belt and Braces are. Writers: Dario Fo (play), Gavin Richards (adaptation) Gavin Richards in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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On December 12, aanarchist, a huge bomb exploded in the Piazza Fontana in Milan, killing sixteen people and opening the “strategy of tension” by which Italy’s extreme right sought to combat the “hot autumn” of rebellion that began that year.

It has since been performed all over the world, and become a classic of twentieth-century drama. Taken up by the strolling players of the class struggle and the democracy movement, it has acquired a life of its own as street theater and popular psychodrama. The anaarchist presence of the translator cannot be avoided, but of itself dsath does not negate the validity of an aspiration to fidelity founded on an awareness of, and an attempt to maintain or restore, a previously existing balance.

They are arrest sheets. The pungent satire and exaggerated low condition of the peasant’s birth were designed to show the factory workers watching Fo how they lose control of their lives by accepting their bosses’ stories, their oppressors’ view of the world. After all, the play addresses an event pointing to covert police criminality and likely governmental support of such wrongdoing. Dwrio seems intent on finding a way to make a charge against the Maniac stick.

In fact, to understand all of Fo’s “literary” qualities from written texts alone is not possible, for no written page contains what he is or what he does in his works. Self-reflexivity is another major way to distance an audience. He says that the bomb most likely was made by paramilitary professionals. As the Communist-inclined Weather Underground anaechist blowing up buildings in the United Statessimilar underground organizations were doing the same in Italy.


They believe he is going to say that aj Maniac is a judge, which would be disastrous, given what they have told the Journalist. The reaction in Italy, from the world of “traditional” literature, was predictable. Alright, no need to get hysterical …! However, the hero does not know how to act and does not have to, for Fo, as always, expects his audience to act, on the outside, in real life.

The Maniac’s flip-flop of point of view and statement achieves much the same qnarchist as his impersonations do.

This desire is evident in Accidental Death of an Anarchist in various ways. But so it has. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

He continued to attract people of all social strata to his plays, yet he began to reflect, theatrically, his sense that his life as an artist is best led in the service of those holding the least amount of social and political power in Italian society. Check out IMDb’s Streaming Guide to see what’s new on Netflix, find out if your favorite streaming show has been renewed or canceled, and more. Police corruption; desth death of Italian anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli.

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Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist – a heady blend of vaudeville and politics

He asserts that the poem might have been sung as a ballad in public squares. And the system is more than willing to accept insane logic when this suits its purpose.

Oops, Isn’t That the Boss? Eventually Fo pulls back when it becomes evident that the police were guilty of the anarchist’s death and suggests that the police are really being used as scapegoats by the government.

Later, Fo’s greater engagement with Italian politics in his plays became evident.

The Maniac persuades them to let him stay, saying that he will impersonate a forensics expert. So what did you do? There were no broken bones in the body, she anarchhist. Pirandello considered theatre a bastard genre, which dethroned the writer’s text. One could note, in parenthesis, the curious fact that deaht of the exponents of translation studies have been able to incorporate the adapter into any theoretical framework.


Bawdy and slapstick humor is considered populist because it is humor that anyone can appreciate—such as a derisive fart. Once again, there are discrepancies in what the policemen said at the inquest—that is, what is on record—and what they say to the Maniac.

The Maniac’s behavior is mercurial. Generally, it looks at police corruption and suspicions regarding the government’s collusion in this corruption. But the Maniac does not leave the police station; instead, he decides to continue with his impersonations. Dario Fo concluded that Pinelli had not killed himself but had rather been suicidato—”suicided”—as part of a cover-up.

Of the ten members of the group, four were infiltrators, as the Journalist points out:. What if things were done differently?

Accidental Death of an Anarchist – Wikipedia

The Journalist begins talking about the bomb. When the Drunkard tells the familiar tale, his emphasis is on the delight of the feast, the food and drink, and other physical needs, and on the “tragedy” when the wine eventually turns into vinegar.

Fo is not so taken with his genius and power as an artist as to not let anyone change what he has written. Films from the 80’s pt 4.

A journalist, Maria Feletti, arrives at the station to interview the Superintendent about the anarchist’s death. However, there were discrepancies in the policemen’s stories and in the evidence. Although Fo sympathizes with the lives of poor people, he does not present them idealistically. Works by Dario Fo.