The task at hand this time was to follow up one of the most successful d20 releases of all time,. Traps & Treachery. In some ways it was easy, the formula for . Traps & Treachery Fantasy Flight Games is no stranger to the hobby game industry. paper, similar to the pages at the beginning of the D&D 3e PHB and DMG. traps & treachery ii – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. D20 DnD Unofficial the Quintessential Rogue II. Uploaded.

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Besides presenting the heirarchal structure of a guild, there are four prestige classes that are primarily designed for urban campaigns but have a nice feel to them regardless. The presentation overall is good, the “cool idea” factor is moderately high but for just the traps and poison sectionsand the book does fill much of its tgaps.

Do not walk, run to your game store and buy this. I have grown to dislike prestige classes by now; they are largely unbalanced Hospitaler and in many cases so obscure Acolyte of the Skin, Master of Chains as to be of very little use in most campaigns.

Traps and Treachery

But if you look at most of the rest of that stat block, you’ll find it doesn’t actually add anything — it’s just filler. Views Page Discussion Edit History.

The section on poisons gives new options and new poisons from tdaps listed in the Dungeon Masters Guide. I’ve not gotten a chance to tinker with it much, but I haven’t encountered any major problems using them so far.


This includes a well-conceived thievery clerical domain. Do your work an’ give me the crunchy bits. The section also provides mechanics for the creation of new poisons, including a brew poison feat.

I will not give many details since many of the treeachery reviewers of this book descibe it very well 1 Way of the Greachery Ten more traps to inflict on the PCs. The adavantages of new poisons are outlined, there is a tteachery with a new feat – Brew Poison – and an example poison is given. Basically a humanoid-like outsider with a penchant for devising traps.

This info is similar to one usually given in WotC class books but is less verbose and marginally more useful. An excellent system for setting the challenge rating for traps of all kinds. Poison section is way more interesting and informative then its equivalent in DMG including the much more detailed instructions on preparation, pricing and categorizing variety of poisons.

Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. I found very few rules related entries that I wouldn’t use.

Traps and Treachery II

Most traps have a full dedicated page, with a diagram of how they work, and an accompanying description. Trfachery, much of the artwork as opposed to the diagrams is not relevant to the text, but more to the theme. A nice set of trap construction rules. But I suppose this is a sorta “errata”-type mistake, and easy enough to fix.

Why couldn’t they have given me some more crunchy bits, like how the size of guilds varies with city size, how many guilds are viable in a given population center, what is the range of income a given sized guild can expect, what are the levels of the guild’s members, Reset Fields Log in.

  ISO 11452-4 PDF

They are pretty neat, and I really stink at concocting puzzles. Finally, the magic items and new spell listings are mostly interesting but do lack a certain luster and shine.

You will not regret it. Be aware you’re only getting about pages of actual material, and a fair amount of this is art and diagrams though at pages, the price per page is still only 16 cents which isn’t bad.

Magical items are an and useful and spells including a thievery domain whle not many in number put to shame in terms of sheer ingenuity anything out of the Tome and Blood. The next section 2 pages looks at magical toxins and splits them into supernatural purely magical effects or enchanted magical and mundane effects.

Traps and Treachery II – D&D Wiki

Please don’t waste my time with fluff. Trying to use the traps in play, I find that the large and unportable nature of the traps make them harder to fit. Trap Construction looks at mechanical and magical traps separately.

New treacery section is fraps useful as such a section can be — it is nothing to be amazed at, but there are some items I have not thought before and prices and descriptions for some I have.

Retrieved from ” https: Three pages at the front and five pages at the back include various things such as credits, contents, ads and the OGL.