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(Yescombe ) also describes the range of PPP structures and b. Ley y Reglamento de Concesiones de Obras Públicas: Decreto Supremo [#] . IPCC. Accessed March 13, “IPCC website.” Geneva. Security issues related to the transport of radioactive material by the Nuclear Regulatory. Authority (in .. (Ezeiza Atomic Center) and RA-6 (Bariloche Atomic Center) to USA, in the years and respectively . [1] Decreto N° 26 mar. Parque Natural da Ilha do Pico. De acordo com o artigo º do Decreto Legislativo. Regional n.º 15//A, de 25 de Junho, o Parque Natural.

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The promotion and strengthening of community organizations. Mauricio Molano Social Action.

Nonetheless, the difficulties and asymmetries in the local implementation of the interstate accords show scant local cross-border coordination, causing problems to persist without a real solution. Among the most interesting elements analyzed in the cited report, the limited binational coordination, the lack of mobility of the high-level commissions, and the limited impact of their accords stand out because they were not translated into effective actions developed by the technical commissions.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors. Coordinating from above without participation from below.

The above is framed within the explicit functions of these levels of government. This path appears to be the that which several cooperation mechanisms between both countries followed; to note two of these: To face drug trafficking, development of legal productive programs with technical assistance. Strengthen state presence in the ZIF: Estudios sobre Estado y Sociedad9 25 Despite all of these developments, the design of public policies, and the institutional networks for their implementation, there is no correspondence with what is occurring on the border.

Having reached this point, we have provided a review of some of the bilateral cooperation and integration mechanisms that have been present in the attempt to implement a public border policy for the Colombian-Peruvian border region.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Key ideas The limited capacity to create a work force for sustenance crops from crops for drug trafficking. This tendency is made explicit in the ZIF Development Plan published inin which local institutional strengthening becomes noticeable on a few occasions, even though strategic objective 3 transversely refers to indigenous institutionality and strategic objective 6 concentrates on “strengthening the national regional and local and binational public and private institutionality of the ZIF” Pedicp,pp.


Why create something to do what the current levels of government are already obligated to do in their spheres of competence? In this proposal, the various state, supranational, and even non-governmental organizations, with functions and interests in the Amazon, could be advisors to the RITA, without having roles of coordination or direction, as proposed in other strategies, as shown in Figure 2.

Faced with the magnitude of developing these objectives, the specific objectives and action lines fall short; they do not contemplate the already existing faculties for local institutionality, and they do not clearly develop through the programs and projects contemplated in the plan see Table 2.

Towards a cross-border government? These elements combine with the precarious attention to the social needs of its decretl, the majority of whom are indigenous.

In particular, issues related to taking advantage of and structuring forest and fishing resources, as well as issues of conservation, were especially visible in the last meeting of the Neighborhood Commission held inwhereas issues related to local institutional strengthening were relegated to second place Acta Final. Comisiones binacionales de vecindad: For its part, the local border society, the beneficiary and sufferer of whatever results from this entire plan, is not even mentioned.

New borders for a changing Europe: Comparison of strategic objectives, action lines, and strategies of the Plan for the Peru-Colombia ZIF Strategic objective 3 To strengthen the cultural identity of indigenous peoples, consolidating their life plans and their interculturality with the national development and border integration processes.

The management of life plans, in accordance with the established national policies.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Secretary, Chamber of Commerce of Amazonas. Its last actions have been related to establishing a special regime, enacted in Law of June 29, Ley deand established by Decree ofwhich establishes a Special Border Regime ZONe, for which there are high expectations for how it ultimately develops Dr de Governor, Department of Amazonas.

Thus, both the national border policies and the supranational mechanisms of the two countries pay lip service to being highly decentralizing, whereas in internal practice, they continue to be tied to the princely centralism that marked the Peace of Westphalia in decgeto relations. Introduction 1 The Colombian-Peruvian border has a long history of tensions and neglect. That is, the wisdom of diplomacy in contemporary conditions and of the particularities of border places that are necessary for an adequate, decretp, efficient, and responsible government is better found among local populations and public administrations than in the larger capitals that design national policies and actions.


The Colombian-Peruvian border has a long history of tensions and neglect. Cross-border paradiplomacy in Latin America. On the other hand, there will be a local management committee in which regional and local institutions will participate, which will be called together by the Executive Secretariat. Recent publications in The CCA of established a list of products that should enjoy a common customs duty in the area of this convention.

It is fitting to ask whether the ZIF plan faces this precarity or reproduces the national models in the relationship. Olbar Andrade Governor of Amazonas. It briefly analyzes some of the cooperation mechanisms and indicates, based on technical reports as well as normative and organizational analysis, that these cooperation mechanisms failed due to, among other reasons, having articulated the local and intermediary government entities in a fragmented manner in managing binational cooperation.


This structure leads to the argument that, after the criticism of the joint report of the comptrollers of both countries and against the outcry of various local actors, the institutionality to implement the ZIF continues to be an issue for the chancelleries, which design and implement through national institutions, whereas the participation of the intermediate levels of government is barely nominal—they do not have assigned functions within the functional structure of the commission.

Carlos Ortiz National Navy. Exploring institutionality for Ddecreto “integration”]. Although elements of the civil society of the border such as representatives of the intermediate level of government have been dereto in various forums within which the bilateral agenda was defined, their visibility and influence in them have been marginal, with the national agendas being privileged in the relationship, which is even evident in the binational action on the border.

Ancestral knowledge, dominion, returning to and broadening values, and joining them with scientific knowledge to advance in science, culture, and humanity’s relationship with nature.