Inside UFO has ratings and 30 reviews. A partir de entonces deberás elegir entre intentar escapar del cohete y volver a la tierra (ayudado por otros. OVNI – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. El misterio del rock and Odisea en el Gran Dentro Del Ovni by Unknown Author. (Hardcover ).

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Oct 22, Mateo R. Well, there was a movie that I saw a couple of years ago called ‘Paul’ which was about a couple of geeks from England who went to Comicon and then decided to tour the UFO drl in the United States, however beyond that Onvi seem to have been put back into the realm of science fiction. There’s a way you can be rewarded if you even go so far as to not follow the book’s own rules, and that struck me as hokey.

Dentro Del Ovni Elige Tu Propia Aventura 10, Unknown Author. (Hardcover )

Choose Your Own Adventure 1 – 10 of books. Mar 04, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Watch out or you may have a bad outcome. Goodreads helps you keep cel of books you want to read.

Nov 23, Ben rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 06, Sabrina Bellesbach rated it really liked it. With no way to get there.

Item – Dentro del OVNI 54-40

Unlike us westerners, who had large sailing ships to take us around the world, all the Pacific Islanders had were canoes, which begs the question: In the end it would have been hit or miss for the islanders to fan out across the Pacific, but they did it. Then I realized what they had been telling me.


I wonder if any others do as well. There were many imitators, but this line was always the best.

Return to Book Page. Rare for these books, some pages don’t tell you to ‘continue to the next page’ and will sometimes even end mid-sentence.

Inside UFO by Edward Packard

Lonnie King rated it it was amazing Nov 29, It has been suggested that they used currents, but then again they did not have navigation equipment either, so there was little communication and onvi between the islands. You literally couldn’t get the nice ending. After having read some of the reviews I must admit that I do remember reading this particular book, and I guess the funny alien on the cover also triggers memories. I hunted and hunted through this book, trying all manner of paths, until it clicked and I just looked for a “the end” page I hadn’t gotten to and – sure enough, there it was.

And it was good compared to some of the other ones I’d been reading, because the endings didn’t all seem to be slightly different versions of the same inevitability an By this point in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, I was dell to get bored with the nonsensical endings and contrived choices, so I tried to gravitate toward the titles that seemed the most likely to follow a fantasy or 54-4 fiction path.

Such a frustrating book! A lot of these CYOA books require a certain about of cognitive dissonance rentro different paths chosen in the book result in completely incompatible versions of the reality of the story being revealed- this was especially true of UFO I would spend hours reading it, trying each different path to see how the story ended.


Inside UFO 54-40

A cool spaceship, and monsters galore! I want to read all his books – Chris Knoecklein, age I was extremely engaged by this book, and angry that I could not get the ending I wanted! Inthe first book to be released in the series was “The Cave of Time”, a fantasy time-travel story that remained in print for many years. Some of the things you might encounter are homesick fog humanoids, psychic glowing orbs, an art heist with robots, billion year sleeping chambers, year old samurai, whatever Mopo is, and tentacled eggheads.

After finishing a few endings, I used to methodically try to get every ending, and noticed a page that had the coveted Best Ending you know, you get to discover the space utopiaso I noted what page that was and went through all the other pages looking for a “if you choose X, turn to page Y” instruction.

Espionage, Jewel thieving, ninjas, hot air balloons, submarines, haunted mansions, medieval castles? Feb 26, Lucas rated it liked it Shelves: It makes them explode or crash.

So apparently I got abducted by aliens while travelling by concorde. Let me at it. I loved the choose your-own-adventure books during my early years, and believe these are a great set of books for those who are new to reading their own books.