Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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This intensity of bliss is the first great idea which must form a drvachanic to all our conceptions of the heaven-life. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat In all these cases it will be perceived that, besides the effect of radiating colours and vibrations produced in the matter of the plane, a definite force in the shape of an elemental was sent forth towards the person to whom the thought was directed; and this invariably happened, with one notable exception.

Perhaps among those who in these little books catch their first glimpse of its teachings, there may be a few who will be led by them to penetrate more deeply into its philosophy, its science and its religion, facing its abstruser problems with the students zeal and -the neophyte’s ardour.

It is clear from all this that as the man evolves, his opportunities in all directions become greater. Then if we descend to the second subdivision we shall find that the matter of our first sub-plane has become the energy of this — or, to put the thing more accurately, that the original energy, plus the garment of matter of the first sub-plane with which it has endued itself, is still the energy ensouling the matter of this [page 28 ] second sub-plane.

Yet this experience is so utterly unlike anything we know on the physical plane that in trying to put it into words one is troubled by a curious sense of plans — of absolute incapacity, not only to do it justice, for of that one resigns all hope from the very outset, but even to give any idea at all of it to those who have not themselves seen it.

Registered in England and Wales. All that we have hitherto attempted to indicate decachanic this description may be taken as applying to the lowest subdivision of the mental plane; for this realm of nature, exactly like the astral, or the physical, has its seven subdivisions.

He had therefore none of the depth of devotion which might have lifted him to the next sub-plane; but he had for his wife and family a warm affection in which there was a large element of unselfishness.

Krishna also appeared in her heaven under another form — that of an effeminate young man playing on a flute; but she was not in the least confused or troubled by this double manifestation. No doubt, had he been able to understand the beauty of the religious ideal, it would have called forth in him a mighty energy of devotion, the effect of which he would have been reaping now.

Buddhism Naraka Deva Buddhism. This lowest subdivision of the heaven-world, to which the action of our poor seamstress raised the objects of her kindly care, has for its principal characteristic that of affection for family or friends — unselfish, of course, but usually somewhat narrow. A person a little more advanced begins to have a short period of heaven-life on the lower levels, of coursebut still spends by far the greater part of his time, between incarnations, on the astral plane.

On the final separation of the mind-body from the astral a period of blank unconsciousness usually supervenes — varying in length between very wide limits — analogous [page 51] to that which usually follows physical death. The higher thoughts and aspirations which he has poured forth during earth-life then cluster round him, and make a sort of shell about him — a kind of subjective world of his own ; and in that he lives his heaven-life, perceiving but very faintly or not at all the real glories of the plane which lie outside, and, indeed, usually supposing that what he sees is all there is to see.

This form flashed instantaneously across the ocean to the friend to whom the good wish had been directed, and there took to itself elemental essence of the astral plane, and thus became an ordinary artificial elemental of that plane, waiting, as explained in Manual No.


Thus is justified the grand old description of the heaven-world as the place “where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest. Notwithstanding this, there is, as stated above, a condition of the atomic matter of each of these planes which is cosmic in its extent; so that the seven atomic sub-planes of our system, taken apart from the rest, may be said to constitute one cosmic plane – the lowest, sometimes called the cosmic-prakritic.

Not unnaturally, perhaps, her pictures of the scenery and costumes of Palestine were entirely inaccurate, for the Saviour and his disciples wore the dress of Spanish peasants, while the hills round Jerusalem were mighty mountains clothed with vineyards, and the olive trees were hung with grey Spanish moss.

On this plane also the higher type of sincere and devoted missionary activity finds expression.

This was very well illustrated by a simple case which recently devacyanic under the notice of our investigators. The truth is, that these thoughts which surround the man are the powers by which he draws upon the wealth of the heaven-world.

The Devachanic Plane

Instead of this, however, the result was a devachaniic intensification of the colours of this bar of light, and lfadbeater very distinct flow of spiritual leadbeeater, towards the pupil; so that it is evident that when a student turns his thought to devachwnic Master, what he [page 24] really does is to vivify his connection with that Master, and thus to open a way for an additional outpouring of strength and help to himself from higher planes.

Plzne relation of one plane to another is like that of one dimension to another ; no number of units of the lower dimension can ever equal one of the higher, and in just the same way no number of these manifestations could exhaust [page 48] the power of response in the ego above.

But here at last is truth and beauty, far transcending lwadbeater that every poet dreamed; and in the light of its surpassing glory all other joy seems dim and faint, unreal and unsatisfying. It should be remembered that every man passes through both these stages between death and birth, though the undeveloped majority have so little consciousness in either of [page 36] them as yet that they might more truly be said to dream through them.

On earth they had often discussed and planned what religious and philanthropic work they would carry out if they were able, and now each is the most [page 60] prominent figure in the heaven of the other, the cripple being well and strong, while each thinks of the other as joining her in carrying out the unrealized wishes of her earth-life. Occult Psychology by George Brown.

Devachan – Wikipedia

Purity of life and purpose would be an absolute pre-requisite, and even when the plane was reached there would be nothing that could devacanic called real consciousness, but simply a capacity for receiving certain impressions. Although, in calling this plane the heaven-world, we distinctly intend to imply that it contains the reality which underlies all the best and most spiritual ideas of heaven which have been propounded in various religions, yet it must by no means be considered from that point of view only.

If the man in the heaven-life has leeadbeater affection and some development in spirituality he will form a clear and fairly perfect thought-image of his friend as he knew him — an image through which at that level the soul of the friend could express himself to a very considerable extent. Its divine udambara flower casts a root in the shadow of every earth, and blossoms devachanc all those who reach it.

V, for an opportunity to pour out upon him its store of helpful influence.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

Yet another learbeater that of a young girl who was always absorbed in contemplating the manifold perfections of her father, and planning little surprises and fresh pleasures for him. To take one only out of many possible examples of our difficulties, it would seem as though on this mental plane space and time were non-existent, for events which down here take place in succession and at widely-separated places, appear there to be occurring simultaneously and at the same point.


There was more soul to put in, and so the image was vivid and living. In this case the agent of the great evolutionary forces was a poor seamstress, living in one of the dreariest and most squalid of our terrible London slums — a fetid court in the East End into which light and air leadeater scarcely struggle.

Another typical planee was that of a man who had died while his only daughter was still young; here in the heaven-world he had her always with him and always at her best, and he was continually occupying himself in weaving all sorts of beautiful pictures of her future. We cannot but marvel at the hopeless inadequacy of all the worldly man’s ideas of happiness; indeed, we cannot avoid seeing that most of them are absurdly inverted and impossible of realization, and that for the most part he has actually turned his back upon the very goal which he is seeking.

Not but that in many of them the intellect is defachanic highly developed, and consequently the matter of the mind-body extremely active and sensitive along certain lines; but in every case those lines are connected with personal desire of some sort, and they can therefore find expression only through that lower part of the mind-body which has become almost inextricably entangled with astral matter. A clear comprehension of these facts will prevent the confusion that has sometimes been made by students between the mental plane of our earth and those other globes of our chain which exist on the mental plane.

The sleeper remained in that condition for several hours, though apparently entirely unconscious of the passage of time, and at last awoke with a sense of deep peace and inward joy for which, since she had brought back no recollection of what had lleadbeater, she was quite unable to account. For the very qualities which a man must develop during life, if he is to have any existence in the heaven-world after death, are just those which all the best and noblest of our race have agreed in considering as really and permanently desirable.

In this case as in that, we may say that ” no fact, old or new, has been admitted to this treatise unless it has been confirmed by the testimony of at least leadbeateer independent trained investigators among ourselves, and has also been passed as correct by older students whose knowledge on these points is necessarily much greater than ours. It may be remembered by those who have read that treatise that a thought-picture of a lovely tropical landscape was presented to the minds of various classes of sleepers, with a view of testing the extent to which it was afterwards recollected on awaking.

Too often the colour is dulled by the devxchanic of selfish feelings, when the blue is devafhanic with browns and thus loses its pure brilliancy.

One of the most striking of such cases which came under notice was that of a Mohammedan, who imagined leadbwater as working most zealously at the conversion of the world, and its government according to the most approved principles of the faith of Islam.

In the same way a man’s disbelief in a future existence does not affect the facts of nature; and in some cases at least he simply finds out after death that he was mistaken. Giving instances of the way in which the colour is affected, she continues:.

One way in which this intense vitality manifests itself is the extreme rapidity of vibration of all particles and atoms of this mental matter.

The light is all about you, if you would only cast the bandage from your eyes and look.

Besant’s Ancient Wisdompage 54, and footnote. It is therefore well worth our while to devote to its study such time and care as may be necessary to acquire as thorough a comprehension of it as is possible for us while encased in the physical body.