Digitech DSP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech DSP Owner’s Manual. Digitech DSP Plus, Music Technology, May The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review. Digitech DSP Plus, Sound On Sound, Apr There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section .

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Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. Some even simply flag the error and continue working. Gated Reverb, Delay, Filter High values tend to produce a metallic, ringing sound, and low values produce a grainy, fluttery sound: Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

I suspect the casing was manufactured before the list of parameters had been finalised – but then what if you wanted to place the unit directly below another in a rack? Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay The DSP has a different sound – it’s clean, it has an excellent range of effects – some are superb, others are, perhaps, average and programming is relatively easy taking the LED display into account.

FREE Manuals Warehouse is your source for copies of owners manuals, service manuals and other documentation on audio, music, stage and studio equipment like: According to the manual, the reverb decay time in seconds is the product of the numerical values of these two parameters: All effects sections process signals at full bandwidth kHzand the result is that even at the top and bottom end of the audio spectrum the processed signal is clear and well defined.

An Effect button kills the processed signal but the volume of dry signal it allows through is dependent upon the setting of the Output Mix knob the QuadraVerb Bypass button works in a similar way. The updated Plus version therefore has the improved features necessary to make it a contender again: The first six algorithms the only ones to allow four effects at once have a maximum delay time of 0. John Walden joins the digital age The flange, on the other hand, has a good deal more bite: In a live situation, it’s possible that the DSP would hang up.

On the other hand, it sacrifices a little of the breadth of effects offered by other units: To some extent this is justifiable – any new piece of gear must be judged in comparison to its nearest equivalents, but the problem starts when one regards a product as being less interesting because it is not as original and different as it would have been had it appeared a few months earlier.


The manual even contains blank sheets on which to write the parameters of new programs you create. Large room, Delay, Flange, Filter 3. However, it’s quite easy to create your own effects once you get the hang of the parameter abbreviations.

The display will also show changes made to a a parameter’s values from a MIDI controller – a useful function. I cranked this up to maximum all the time, and I imagine most other users will too, to give as much depth as possible to the sound.

However, after delving deep into the facilities of the machine, its own character and unique features became apparent, demonstrating that it is without doubt a worthy addition to the growing range of affordable professional effects processors. The manual gives some details, although a few more pages and a little tutorial section would not go amiss.

The inevitable consequence of this cleanness is that the output lacks character. In the absence of program names, this is really useful. If it is set to a lower value than any of the three, the impression of a simple repeating pattern is replaced by a more complex start to the series of echoes.

That and the delay section in multi-effects configurations – both with normal and multitap delays – are the strongest of the DSP Plus’s effects capabilities, and in these specific areas give the unit a distinct edge over its direct rivals.

DigiTech DSP 128 Plus Digital Signal Processor Vintage Rack

Paul Ireson checks out the form. All programming functions on the unit are carried out with the cursor and parameter buttons, and the four-digit LED display provides digigech visual feedback. Also featuring gear in this article.

The first six algorithms are the only ones that use all four effects sections, providing digifech combinations of EQ and mono delay up to milliseconds with chorus or flange, and small, medium or large room reverb treatments. On powering up, the display reads ‘P 1’, indicating that Program 1 is currently selected. Other features of the front panel are a 4×3 grid of LEDs, 12 to four of which are illuminated at any one time to show which of the unit’s effects are in use.


These multi-tap facilities were the first things to really impress me on the DSP Plus. I have spent a good deal of time and space describing the Ultimate Reverb algorithm, but I make no apologies for this as it’s mabual of the DSP Plus’s most interesting features.

Digitech DSP Manuals

You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. However, such reactions can be misleading digitecg that it is the true strengths and weaknesses of equipment that really count: Further possibilities include producing a pseudo panning effect, or in these two algorithms, the flange or chorus effect is placed in line before the multi-tap delay, so that echoed flanged notes are heard ddsp than flanged echoes and there is a real difference.

At the time this generated a good deal of excitement, but since other manufacturers quickly went one better with signal processors that can produce four effects simultaneously, the DSP didn’t look quite so hot anymore.

Please Contribute to mu: Review by Ian Waugh. Bearing in mind that the input sensitivity of the DSP Plus is switchable to cope with both line and instrument level signals, it seems that Digitech have very much kept the guitarist in mind when designing the DSP Plus.

The Program Copy function transfers the contents of a program to a new location and that will help.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Owner’s Manual

Many of the parameters on the unit were new and not listed in the manual which resulted in most of the “Programming the DSP” section being inaccurate. As the range of effects is dependant entirely upon the dzp, I’ll list them here: Extremely useful for live work.

The fact that the stereo pattern of echoes is maintained on each repeat means that the effects produced by the DSP Plus’s multi-tap delays cigitech a real presence in stereo. The cursor buttons are used to access the various effects parameters: Good though this is, the fact that it comes after the release of the ART Multiverb and Alesis Quadraverb somewhat takes the edge off the excitement.