THE Third Truth by Dimitri Khalezov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Third Truth. 11 Chapters of Dimitri Khalezov’s book. The book sets out the author’s thesis that the WTC twin towers and Building 7 were. Dimitri uses his insider information combined with his military background to explain the events of in depth. 9/ The Third Truth. This is a Multi-Region.

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The building was designed to have a fully loaded crash into it.

Dimitri uses his insider information combined with his military background to explain the events of in depth. Strangely straight lines of the hole are intentionally highlighted with yellow color on the right picture. This is indeed the file-photograph of that event. Why the US government could not admit honestly to the public that it was a missile, not AA Flight dimitru – the Boeing, that struck the Pentagon in reality?

Full text of “The Third Truth – , by Dimitri Khalezov (free 11chapters)”

Are they really that much stupid? Supporters of this theory can’t even audibly explain what the 44 so-called “nano-thermite” actually khalezof – whether it is a kind of incendiary like commonly known themite or napalmor it is a kind of explosive like dynamite, TNT, RDX or C4.

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It is because out of every Walcott, unfortunately something was wrong, very badly wrong with that picture Larry Silverstein, who gave his personal permission if not his personal order to “pull” the WTC-7 in a process known as “controlled demolition”?

The secondary points are these: Fake “mini-nuclear” car-bombings Covert-Labs Red Button: That is why they were “politely” hinted that they were not really welcome.

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THE Third Truth

It was other extra definitions which moreover, conspicuously differ from each other added to the original meaning of “ground zero”. Perhaps, it was a well-known psychological phenomenon described in a famous fable of the naked king, whom no one dared to call naked trying hard to convince himself that the king was dressed despite seeing exactly the opposite with his very eyes.

Apparently, every ground zero responder and every Manhattan resident would demand his full has-mat suit too.

And now, at last, try to imagine what kind of deafening sound would produce such a simultaneous explosion of near tons of TNT, dynamite or C4. How did these “Bush and his clique” manage to strike the Pentagon? And, unlike the steel columns which were more or less solid from bedrock up to the Tower’s topsthe aluminum coating was arranged in much shorter vertical segments. Along with comprehensible explanation on what really happened at “Ground Zero”. To begin with, I think it would be reasonable to remind some people who have probably forgotten what the term “ground zero” used to mean before September 11, about the true meaning of these two words “ground” and “zero” strangely used together.


Moreover, I did that a very long time ago. We must speak the truth about terror. However, it is pretty easy for dishonest doctors and health officials to give some plausible “explanations” in regard to these cancers. Please, make further calculations.

9/ The Third Truth – Interview with Dimitri Khalezov – Conspiracy Theory DVD | eBay

That was the largest plane at the time. If he were a former priest or a former senator, it, perhaps, would be forgivable.

There should not be even a slightest doubt that the WTC strike alone, without any additional and unnecessary attack on the Pentagon would look much more beautiful and much more believable and it would achieve absolutely all its alleged goals – an unprecedented public outrage directed against Muslims, as well as much needed sympathies from various simpletons from all around the world.

John Walcott who underwent a bone marrow transplantation was published here: Normally, armor-piercing shells are made of Wolfram Americans also produce armor-piercing shells which contain, instead of very expensive Wolfram 5Uranium, which is otherwise useless material, yet capable to penetrate armor due to it being much heavier than actual steel.

Informal- the most elementary level.