Dane has ratings and 60 reviews. Janet said: I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I first started reading it. It’s quite different from other para. In other news, Bastian, The Lords of Satyr release day is April 26, ! It’s officially May 1st, but some stores are showing the April date. I’ve posted the first . The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Dominic (Lords of Satyr Series #4) by Elizabeth Amber at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This was really 2 books in one, first was the story of Dominic, sweet and heartfelt tale of the discovery of true love.

Sine I truncate, it’s a 2 star. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Even after that, there’s no build up of the romance between Emma and Dominic. But his next mission is the most important of all, to mate with a human female named Emma and create a child of destiny. This book also has some voyeurism and some scenes take place in an underground sex club.

Dane’s want to show Eva the things she most wants is the perfect medicine for his supposed insanity and prepares him for what is to be revealed by the introduction of Daniel. I didn’t even cover any of the brilliantly written, eccentric eroticism in this book because it is to “out there” to describe and explain. Vincent, a Tuscan Satyr lord, has issues with human women, so he creates Shimmerskins, mystical constructs built for pleasure.

But the whole damn thing is treated so casually it’s ridiculous! In order to remain in town legally, the ElseWorld Council satyyr Dane to wed and breed children to protect his family’s place in society and thus all ElseKind’s secrets.



His split personalities were very much a part of his character. Eva is not fey-human as she leads everyone to believe. In this book however, she pretty much cleared all that up.

This was a bit of weird book for lord.

They hardly spend any time together. And to think I have not even touched on the villains for this doinic. Know I’m pondering about Rosetta and her story. Little do they know that they are about to be drawn together with the most primal earges imaginable.

I was a bit leery of a guy with two penises, but it wasn’t weird really!

Dominic (The Lords of Satyr, #4) by Elizabeth Amber

Overall it was a disappointment that 3 strong characters were reduced to play bit parts in a short book. How dangerous can secrets be – in life, in love and in hate? How the hell did the Domijic become human? Dane was kidnapped as a child along with his brother and the story focuses on him as an adult trying to remember what happened to him and to find his missing brother.

She is actually a female Satyr, the only female Satyr. You must really stretch your imagination to understand how great a story this is. Nov 30, Yen rated swtyr it was amazing Shelves: Eva is a marriage broker for the “Elseworld” the non-humans living on earth. Jan 07, Alma aka Mrs. If I wasn’t crazy about it.

Anyone who knows me understand this comment pretty quickly. Nov 08, Sarah rated it liked it. Emma is meek, mild, the picture of a Victorian wife but she secretly hate-loves her husband, Carlo, whom Dominic befriends in order to gain passage from ElseWorld to EarthWorld.


It’s an organic story in that it just bursts out from her with very little rhyme or reason. First, back to Dane.

Elizabeth Amber

And to me, that made the romance more than flat. Enter Emma who is his intended victim and her unborn child the heir of Dominic’s “wonderful lifestyle”. It was a little farther fetched in the plot and it also left me wondering why Vincent’s brother, Marco, didn’t get his own story on how satyyr met his wife. Other books in the series.

Dane (The Lords of Satyr, #5) by Elizabeth Amber

After a year lorvs being captured, Dane is released, but minus his younger brother. As they work to find their prospective mates, they grow closer together and closer to unlocking the secrets in Dane’s mind. Since the start of the series, you’ve heard about Shimmerskins and what they do.

This series takes place many years after the orgininal brotherhood of Tuscany Satyr. The only thing I really didn’t like was in the 2nd story because Ms. They are there to please the men no matter what might be requested of them. But in order for the birth cominic occur, she must mate with Carlo again.