Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela Mexico, Spain’s Romulo Gallegos Prize for best Spanish-language novel, and France’s Priz de Meilleur. James Polk reviews book Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando del Paso; drawing (M). A Case of Literary Infection: Palinuro de Mexico and Ulysses. ROBIN FIDDIAN. Palinuro de Mexico is Fernando del Paso’s second novel. Born in. Mexico City in .

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The meaningless death of Palinuro, in the struggle for a dream that was not to be, and deprecated by those around him, is a very gory and therefore appropiate le for the death of youth dreams.

That must be just me. O con el cuerpo limpio y la conciencia sucia. He gets a literary laundering of his body, which, “when all is said and done. Carlos II pslinuro thus: Five stars for Tristram Shandy’s apples.

Rabelaisian, yes, it reminded me too at times — in particular towards the end of Coover’s Public Burning. Del Paso favours the maximal form— Palinuro of Mexico and News From the Empire are sprawling imaginative playgrounds, concerned with the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human mind to transcend anything with everything. Suffice it to say that the water managed to christen the whole of Palinuro’s anatomy and that, in some cases, it rechristened common places which have always, for generations of wise men and readers, had the same name and thus causing a series of reforms in the realms of geography and the mythological melting pots.


His friends come by, to pontificate and drink and carouse. For this reason, I think twenty years from now I’ll be able to say it was one of the fundamental books of my life. Del Paso sings the body biologic.


Plinuro Fernando del Paso. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

Not a review, simply wonderin why the fuck nobody has read this?

Feb 20, J. There’s my disclaimer as faux review. The other warning is that there is great attention to medical detail — readers who are annoyed by lots of technical language and or graphical detail might be put off by it. Feb 12, Josue Olvera rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I wasn’t feeling confident in my knowledge to grasp them. Fernando del Paso nos riega de palabras, nos reboza y nos inunda de ellas, modificando significados, invirtiendo significantes, buscando movernos del sitio, alterarnos el mundo, mudarnos el pensamiento, siempre tan supeditado a la palabra.

He shows me ontology, colours, associations, angles, symphonies, and arrangements which are crazy-original.

If you are, it will be the best book you will ever read. It There are novels of the spirit, and there are novels of the body. This was over the top excellent – it mixes tall tale with myth with history with offbeat yet plinuro pieces of trivia; all of this collages together into a dense encyclopedic feat of literature. It’s a so ” Dalkey needs to get on this shit.


Ostensibly, this is that all-too-rare bird—a freewheeling uninhibited masterwork in pursuance of pure readerly pleasure, of that Gassian wonder of the word. Other times, the book turns puerile and overly macho. To view it, click here. They deserve great success with it: This essay like collage of structural perambulations does approximate the Human Centipede.


It’s a token of respect to the marvels of medical science seen over the centuries and a romanticized view of the human anatomy. Muchas veces hicimos el amor contra natura, a favor de natura, ignorando a natura.

Then there’s a compendium of jokes regarding flatulence. Minus one star for wasting a perfect opportunity to write some good stuff on medical school, doctors, students and patients. Oct 02, Nathan “N. Reading Palinuro of Mexico makes for a rather demanding relationship. With the uncountable allusions to art, literature, science, history, philosophy and what not, it was all I could do to not lose myself in a Wikipedian labyrinth.

It’s a solid testament to the richness and power of imagination and the ability of fiction to stretch the reality to that which palinuuro beyond the physical world and the conscious mind.