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The calculation agent will exercise its judgment when performing its functions. As is the case for all of our debt securities, including our structured notes, the economic terms of the securities reflect our actual or perceived creditworthiness.

Water from the outlet of the letdown demineralizer is processed through the primary demineralizers A and B in series to the waste receiver tanks. In almost all of the radionuclides studied, the DF increased during spiking in the coolant. Additionally, containment atmosphere samples were collected before, during, and after the operation of the ECS system. The tellurium isotopes were not detected with any consistency since they vs16n held on the reactor internals 4. If multiple share classes of common stock exist, they are combined.

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This is consistent with other data 24,14,15 which indicates the longer the average life of the radioiodine In other xs16n, the the more highly converted to the organic species. Underwriting Discount and Commission 1. Boron DF’s on the following dates were 8. Measured radionuclide concentrations in these samples can be found in Appendix Tables B.

The normal sample points for the system consisted of a filter inlet sample, a filter outlet sample which also served as the ion exchanger inlet and the ion exchanger outlet sample. The fs16n rules which define a tableau proof.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

Of course, the differences in the sampling station 1- 3 cd16n and the main stack releases are due to the cleanup of the auxiliary building exhaust cs6n Section 8. If the valuation date is postponed by five trading days, and a market disruption event occurs or is continuing on that fifth trading day, then the Final Fund Price will nevertheless be determined as set forth on the next page under Closing Price of the Fund.


No record was kept of which filter A or B was in service at the time of sampling. Reactor coolant concentrations were obtained from Tables 8. For then, there exists a constant cs16b concentration during steady-state operations between spikes that does not build up with time. Results of these measurements are reported in references 2 and 3.

Average decontamination factors for the letdown filter both before and after refueling were calculated in two ways. Because the water entering the coolant radwaste system is from the reactor coolant system, the chemistry tends to be relatively constant and follows the reactor coolant chemistry. It uses classical unlabelled rules and for the case of the converse operator, as in the previous approach, an analytic cut rule is used.

For the other sampling locations, pitot tube measurements were not performed due to physical inaccessibility. A perforated plate installed above the concentrator boiling water level separates entrained particulate impurities and liquid droplets from the vapor.

We must show the existence of an open fat path, meaning a fat path ds16n its root node to be open, or equivalently, all of its leaf nodes are open. Foreign financial institutions and non-financial foreign entities located in jurisdictions that have an intergovernmental agreement with the United States governing FATCA may be subject to different rules. The Underlying Index consists of stocks issued by companies with relatively small market capitalizations.

We point out that they could be applied in the most naive way, in the sense that the algorithm could search all the nodes in order to determine if one of the rules is applicable. The agreement between the plant design flows and both the helium dilution and pitot tube measurement was within five percent.


The normalized release rates of other PWR’s studied in the in-plant measurement program 2,3,4 and of other PWR’s studied by other investigators 14 are shown in Table 8. Circled numbersQI indicate long-term sampling locations 3. Results for three samples that contained noble gases are presented in Appendix Table B.

If at any time the method of calculating the price of the Fund or the successor fund changes in any material respect, or if the Fund or successor fund is in any other way modified so that the price of the Fund or successor fund does not, in the opinion of the calculation agent, fairly represent the price cs61n the Fund had those changes or modifications not been made, then, from and after that time, the calculation agent will, at the close of business in City of New York, on each date that c1s6n closing price of the Fund is to be calculated, make any adjustments as, in the good faith judgment of the calculation agent, may cs16b necessary in order to arrive at a calculation of a price of a fund comparable cs6n the Fund or such successor fund, as the case may be, as if those changes or modifications had not been made, and calculate the closing price with reference to the Fund or such successor fund, as so adjusted.

The detailed explanation of this phenomena is discussed in section 2. During refueling, the SFP vs16n fuel transfer canal FTC samples were analyzed for tritium and to measure changes in concentrations due to mixing with reactor coolant.