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Tried, it fixed the problem, indeed.

So far it’s planned for 6. Hi, shall I file an official RH support request for this one? Unable to change last modification time of krb5. After some time of analysis, I can see a FD leaks in log files. So log file will not be flooded with unrelated failures. Different story maybe different ticket. Using file descriptor [22] for LDAP connection.

Fdd can see many problems with resolving dnf records: I might have captured the previous log froma diskless machine.


Pfam: Fe_bilin_red

Not sure where the permission problem comes from. My wild guess is that it is somehow also related to the ticket I reported earlier – regarding AD service discovery issues.

No, I can replicate it quite easily – actually right now I need to put in place a cron job restarting Df every week. RH support case opened for this.

Using file descriptor [24] for LDAP connection.

There was a problem providing the content you requested

Thu Oct 8 Could you try gd simulate it with sending signals to sssd process. Hi, I have just restarted sssd and see new unidentified socket has been created shortly after daemon restart. Yes the issue persists. Look at the attached lsof trace over a time 10 mins intervals. Linked to Bugzilla bug: The trouble still persists.

Service resolving timeout reached. I have a suspicion it’s somehow related to moving from online to offline status.

After certain period of time process sssd-be tends to run out of system resources, hitting the maximum number of open files. I checked some changes in related code between sssd branch vd sssd Ticket has been cloned to Bugzilla: Attaching a fresh log with dyndns disabled. It helped for me. Created mappings gd not be loaded. Login to comment on this ticket. Metadata Update from ondrejv2: It’s not clear to me from code how could it happen. I will send patch for review to upstream mailing list and then I can prepare test build for you.

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I can also see many problems related to nsupdate. I have a WIP patch for this leak but I found out a workaround with changing timeouts in sssd.

See the log file attached. 50-127