For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Was the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega ever translated. For Final Fantasy VII on the PC, Ultimania Omega Translations by Ryu_Kaze. [Artbook] Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega Scan. Gaming Books @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been removed for now. Find out.

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This page book was given a limited release, with only 77, copies printed which were included in the Finql Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion bundle.

Here at The Lifestream. Every day, we will post translations from these books so please check back often. Many thanks to all the translators who worked hard on making this Japanese exclusive info available to the rest of the fans of FFVII so that they may enjoy the information as well.


Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega Translations for PC by Ryu_Kaze – GameFAQs

This Compilation project would not have been possible without the work and contributions of the following people. All translations have been posted online. A big thanks to all the translators that spent hours on translating everything, and a BIG thanks to Makoeyes for putting them all online here.

The links to all the translations are as follows:. Aerith Gainsborough Character Profile p. Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p.

Yuffie Kisaragi Character Profile p. Vincent Valentine Character Profile p. Character Profiles for the Tsviets and Shalua p. Cid Highwind Character Profile p. Fahtasy Wallace Character Profile p.

Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega

Cait Sith Character Profile p. Reeve Tuesti Character Profile p. Zack Fair Character Profile p.

Sephiroth Character Profile p. Cloud Strife Character Profile p. Log in or Register.

[Artbook] Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega Scan

Considering some of these translators have been translating FFVII related materials since the Compilation was first announced, yeah they are.


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Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega Gets Revise for Blu-Ray Movie – Gematsu

About Author More info about author. Final Fantasy XV lore archive now available! Famitsu and Dengeki Translations December 9, Reply to this comment. Are the implications and context correct? Makoeyes Author 17 September, You guys are the best! Click fnatasy to cancel reply.

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