Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 13 MB Fiqh of Muslim Minorities sheds light on the principles. Minorities (Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat): The Case of the Palestinian Muslim .. Alwani preceded Al-Qaradawi in publishing works on Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat. Most Muslims perceive Muslim minorities as an integral part of the larger Muslim community, umma. . 10 Y. al-Qaradawi, Fiqh of Muslim Minorities (Vol.

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This research paper aims to study the most important usuli sources that are appropriate to use in the area of the jurisprudence of Muslim minorities with a clarification of their legal proves, arrangement and applications. Any effort by Muslim minorities to enhance their economic condition and moving towards progress should be based on a social contract.

The institutional framework of the ECFR and the limited time of each session do not allow all questions to be answered.

When a consensual answer appears impossible, the leadership of the ECFR may decide to produce the fatwa of one of its leading scholars instead: Can a Muslim be buried in a Christian cemetery?

Masud Muhammad Khalid, messick Brinkley, powers David, eds. The members disagree on whether the ECFR should try to revise these fatwas or simply endorse them. Although muspim percentage increased further at the turn of the millennium as the leadership of the ECFR pursued a policy of inclusion of muftis based in the Muslim world to prevent criticism from other Islamic institutionsthe policy seems fiqn have been reversed since the establishment of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in London in July The texts here examined show that jurists, in order muxlim decide whether and when a Muslim can travel or migrate to the dar al-kufr, have carried out an analysis that led them, on the one hand, to determine the minimum requirements that must saradawi met in order to allow a Muslim to migrate, and secondly, to decide the objectives to be achieved in order to entitle a Muslim to migrate.

Should the members encourage Muslims to follow astronomical calculations in spite of their awareness that some will insist on the eye sighting of the moon? Staff from IslamOnLine covering the session for the website may distribute printouts of the relevant fatwas from their online fatwa database the Arabic fatwas are in fact often the individual opinions of some of the scholars attending the meeting such as Qaradawi, Mawlawi or Mmuslim al-Qaradaghi.

Whether the ECFR succeeds in this project depends, of course, on the way integration is defined—and on who defines it—at any particular juncture. Both typically require numerous drafts, lengthy discussions, and some patient negotiation.

Dossier 27: Islamic law and Muslim minorities

Sometimes factual information considered unimportant by the petitioner—but crucial for the mufti’s interpretive work—may be missing: They deliver the opening speeches and chair the sessions, which do not start before they arrive, moderating and qatadawi setting the tone of the collective discussions.


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Furthermore, if Muslims can be in a state of necessity for such funds, does one measure the necessity in individual, regional, or global terms? From to the ECFR convened 21sessions in eight different cities: When regulations and laws are not by their letter Islamic in their nature then only upholding an Islamic Le consensus des experts. For details of the controversy, and how it reshaped the subsequent reception of Qaradawi in Western Europe, see Caeiro, Saify, How much attention should be paid to the actual practices of European Muslim communities?

Log In Sign Up. But consensus sometimes is difficult to reach; many issues including the following: The Egyptian state provides religious expertise: A few sessions of the ECFR have been devoted to discussing the general frameworks as well as the precise rules of Muslim family matters in Europe.

Growing increasingly frustrated about the collective discussion on investing in the stock exchange, the Mauritanian burst out—to general laughter—with the following remark: Despite visa restrictions, many of the scholars from the Muslim World also meet their counterparts based in Europe when they travel to the West to participate in the conferences and festivals of the Muslim Diaspora such as the meeting of French Muslims at the Bourget minoeities by the UOIF in France, the annual minoritiew of the Muslim Association of Britain, etc.

The institution most closely associated with the concept of minority fiqh is the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a body which aims at providing an authoritative reading of the Islamic tradition in a context of migration and social change. In the internal discussions they speak with the self-confidence of men supported by a vibrant historical tradition. But fiqh has not abolished the subjectivity involved in determining the appropriate balances and in facilitating the life of believers without illicitly transgressing the qafadawi limits.

But the fatwas and resolutions of the ECFR also have to be made relevant for the variety of Muslim communities and the heterogeneity of European contexts.

Muslim minorities (Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat) Research Papers –

These scholars are usually based in Europe and include members of the FIOE the institution which has founded the ECFR and which is widely perceived to control the internal proceedings.

On occasion, however, the meetings of the ECFR have been overshadowed by minoritiez media qaradwwi including paparazzi standing outside the hotelas happened in London in July Can a Muslim inherit from his non-Muslim relative? Like other religious communities, Muslims in Europe are polarized. In one instance concerning the possibility of acquiring a house through an interest-bearing loan, the failure of the ECFR’s leadership to attach the dissenting opinion of three scholars to the published text of the fatwa led to their resignation Caeiro, Many of the relevant fatwa collections are available electronically and easily accessible during the meetings.


The boundaries between the two genres are in fact quite blurred, not qqaradawi because a question from a petition may be reformulated in more abstract terms and be made the object of qaradaai resolution, but also because the issues that are put forward by individual members often originate in actual questions they were asked in their local context.

Although some of these figures are based in the West, most of them actually reside in the Gulf.

Dossier Islamic law and Muslim minorities | Women Reclaiming and Redefining Cultures

They publish in the prestigious Islamic legal periodicals that have qaraddawi up in the Muslim world since the s.

However, after World War II and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, minorrities mass exodus of Muslim migrants, from their native Muslim lands to Europe and the far West, has brought about new challenges for Muslims residing in the West Jenkins, Klausen Jytte,The Islamic Challenge: The researcher uses the inductive and analytical methods.

Many of them minoeities definitely part of what we might call the orthodox establishment. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Language: Social scientists working on Islam in Europe seem to have by and large neglected the genre of fatwas.

Contents – Previous document. While all the French-based scholars come from North Africa and work or have worked closely with the Union des organisations islamiques de France, the scholars in the UK exhibit greater heterogeneity.

By contrast, a leading question which clearly tries to push muslik boundaries of traditional fiqh but shows an awareness of and sensitivity fiqqh the Islamic legal tradition has a chance of mobilizing the energy of the Council’s members. In recent years the sessions of the ECFR have been largely structured around the presentation of research papers and the drafting of authoritative opinions on issues that do not necessarily originate in questions from Muslim communities.

Muslim minorities (Fiqh al-Aqalliyyat)

They relate qarsdawi fiqh positions primarily to the expectations of their communities and to the wider aims of the movement. Located at the periphery of the European Union, in a country where debates on Islam have until recently been less vivid and less hostile than elsewhere, the ICCI’s current prominence as the headquarters of the ECFR is the product of the convergence between three main factors. A Battle of Wasatiyya vs.