Gheorghe Sarau si Ionel Cordovan, Manual de limba si literatura rromani, clasa lumjaqe baremarimata sas aktìvo: o Gheorghe Niculescu, o Marin I. Simion. Janardhan Pathania look the proof that Gheorghe Sarau took your work without your permission Mister Janardhan Pathania you told me many times, and you. Gheorghe Sarau. Uploaded by. Gheorghe Sarau. Dr Marcel COURTHIADE International Rromani Union (Commissioner for language and linguistic rights).

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Aj i buzni, sa i buzni si: This means their need to know about the corresponding notion, be it old or new.

Gheorghe Sarău

So kames te xas? This article has no associated abstract. When you go to the dentist, you as a Romani, in pain, you do not ask yourself anymore what sadau the dentist has, right? This is the case in so- called palankas, a concept developed in former Yugoslavia3; oversimplified idioms used in palankas are called “frustolects”.

Ikalde e rakles avral o paj. Akharas tumen te lien rig: Haj, baxt te del o Del!

However sarauu are facing in Rromani a hindering paradox: All these noble intentions would be totally vain, if there is no concomitant campaign of promotion for reading and culture, carried out in order to create among oncoming generations hunger for intellectual life. Copilul are probleme de comportament: BUC Idemplus Univ.

Pott, Heinrich von Wlislocki, Franz Miklosich. Iata ce scrie dl. The relationship between the register including lexical resources and the ease of communication for more and more sophisticated topics may be illustrated by the following diagram: Limba de Lemn, Trad. Manual pentru clasa a X-a.

One of the most pernicious attitudes may be observed in some European structures, which order gueorghe translation into Rromani of very specialized administrative texts but at the same time support the instinctive and timorous reaction sarqu some illiterate purists, who reject any enrichment and modernization of the language itself, in the name of its “preservation”. Many peoples, nations, civilizations died in the past and two dozens of mother tongues probably disappear every year.


With such spellings it is necessary to restore first aloud the pronunciation in order to understand the message; they facilitate encoding but they can make decoding problematic. It is always oral due to its chaotic and imprecise nature, because writing would impose a deep reorganisation of its elements.

E gilavne lavutarone rromane gheprghe Despite its name, a palanka is not necessarily situated in rural areas, there are palankas also in towns – it is a mental, not geographical, concept. Deci trebuie depus efort pentru a le evita. Kaj si o lil?

Rromii, India si limba rromani

Cum ai ajuns aici? Kriterion,18 Angus Fraser, Op. As a result the use of Rromani with its cultural and human background in politics is also a choice of society: Editura Tipomur,gheorrghe p.

However expanding the lexical resources is needed for the modernization and adaptation of any language to our modern living world. The work aiming at this purpose is known as “linguistic harmonization” and it is the subject of this contribution. Unfortunately few people have access to it. Policy Center for Rroma Minorities: Then I made all the Romani textbooks and the Romani university courses, auxiliary materials, dictionaries, training structures for the Romani language, summer schools, university courses, university departments, for daily and for distance learning, series of Romani teachers and school mediators, etc, etc, etc.

Languages are classified on six levels according to the size of the corpus available in them these are taken only as examples and the size are but approximate: Am crezut, tot timpul, ca acolo voi putea posta materiale care sa-i intereseze pe cei angrenati in educatia si cultura rromilor. A parallel may be aarau with the European coins, in which the reverse, called “common side”, indicates the value of the coin and is the same for all countries, whilst the obverse, called national side, differs from one country to another, just like the pronunciation of some letters differs from one Rromani group to gheorfhe – the functional value remaining the same: La data de Only flexible standards are efficient.


Dr Marcel COURTHIADE | Gheorghe Sarau –

Rromani is at risk of disappearing mainly due to the collapse of thinking as such among the young of social classes in which Rroms have been historically relegated. Editura Vanemonde, 66 p. Te merel o gageo! So they prefer to sacrifice the language which any way is not theirs and relegate the Rroms to their historical position of marginal victims, generating social problems, and delinquents reluctant to, or unable of, any “integration”.

Ta me… me so te kerav? Virgil Nemoianu – – Review of Metaphysics 49 4: E telxramosarimata le participanturenqe: Gabriel Rusu, Ioana Suciu.

A major problem is that people proposing “branch store alphabets” first believe that the spelling of the majority language is “phonetic” as it is maintained in local schools and secondly they do not understand that the more a phonetic transcription is “faithful”, the more it separates the dialects.

O Sorin – Kristian Mojsesko It is also important to teach that languages are living bodies in unceasing movement and evolution, and that a definitive standard cannot exist.