Description. Gibertini OP outperforms dishes of a similar size because it better reflects signals back to the focal point use a spectrum analyzer on this dish . Products 1 – 6 of 6 Gibertini AZ EL mount for OPL antenna. 65,00€Buy Now Gibertini OPL aluminum dish xcm. ,00€Buy Now. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Gibertini Aluminium Antenna CM Satellite Dish Brick Digtal CM Full HD 3D NILSAT ARABSAT.

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Satellite tv during camping Satellite tv in mobile home Satellite tv on boat. Have I got a friday afternoon specimen? Guadagno Antenna 10,95 GHz dB: More information is available in our privacy statement. Then turn it up and down to roughly tune the elevation until you can receive Eutelsat 10A. We use cookies to analyze the access to our website. Cheers Thorsten toggle quoted message. The result is that I can only change elevation with brute force even when all 3 screws are loose.

During the next days I’ll try to fine tune my dish. No use to deal with these people from the online shop that import the OP L via Germany!

Thorsten has a Gibertini OP L and maybe others too. If you mount it in front of a longer pole you igbertini be very limited in elevation.


Subject of the new topic: Reason Report to Moderators Gibertinni think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. Gibertini Schielhalter 2-fach variabel breit. Owners of OP L what is your experience? But I am happy that you are up and running now.

In the first step loose the two nuts on the fine tune rod. The OP L came in two packets dish and antenna mount kit. Please provide a valid price range. This part takes the 3 long horizontal bolts that end with the nuts visible at right.

Buy a Gibertini multifeed – 2 LNB holders? Order now online

This part of the clamp is just too wide for the plates it fits between. New other see details. Cheers, Thorsten toggle gibertni message. Disponibile nei colori antracite, grigio chiaro e rosso mattone. Gibertini antenne 85cm, en aluminium, toutes les couleurs. Hi Ernst Can you post a image of your special elevation rod? Delivery options see all. I need your help.

He had an article somewhere GEO? Today I wanted to assemble the mount and found that it had transport damages I overlooked in the shop. Mads, Below my Triax TD elevation rod. I am hoping to upgrade my system this autumn and would have gone for a 1. In the shop Gibertino checked that the dish is alu because Gibertini seems to produce the same dish in steel as well. So the packet was presented to me upside down and it has been transported that way.


The new topic will begin with this message. Did you see this product in another shop for a better price?

Gibertini SRL :: OPL Antenna

I have exactly the same mechanical problem with the elevation setup. Complete Dish antenna sets. Inside the clamp is a hard PVC block with two slightly displaced perpendicular drillings. The antenna must be attached on top of the pole.

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Reflektor cm Alu-Legierung, beschichtet. And the pole diameter for a Gibertini OP s should definitely be 80mm high wind loads. The pole of my home brew tripod is 60 mm but I noticed an optimum pole would gibergini 75 to 80 mm. Antenna di Gibertini 85cm, in alluminio, tutti i colori. For a given frequency the bigger the antenna size the smaller the beam width and the harder to point the beam to the sat.

Gibertini multifeed – 2 LNB holders

Peter Yes this is really fundamental physics: Custom Bundle see all. Here are his pictures:. Hi Ernst, is your pole wide greater then 55 mm?