Not much is known about this Bujinkan Ryu. Soke Hatsumi has not taught much, if any of it in public that I am aware of. What I know of this Ryu is lim. Gikan ryu Koppojutsu “School of truth, loyalty and justice” The Gikan school is almost unknown, as it was never publically taught. The founder of this martial art . 年6月1日 According to the traditions of Gyokko Ryu of Sakanoue Taro Kunishige (坂上太郎 国重), Uryu Hangan Gikanbo founded it around the middle of.

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7. Gikan-ryu Koppojutsu

Sadly, Akimoto passed away in Hikan may not be apparent in the tyu is what he is doing with his left hand. It may well be that there is more than one sokeship for the Gikan Ryu that has been given, none-the-less, it is almost completely unaccessible to the general public or even senior practitioners of the Bujinkan.

The case was about the legitimacy in lineage. Unfortunately little of the actual techniques have been taught in the west and so little is known.

He lived in the family castle called Uryujo. In the Meiji Era, when Ishitani was 61 he was given employment by the father of Takamatsu Sensei at his match factory.


Gikan Ryu | Ninjutsu London Classes

Gikanbo convinced Ishitani that the battle would be lost and that he should not waste his life. His castle was known as Uryujo. Takamatsu gave sokeship to Akimoto, who died shortly thereafter. All I saw was that incoming fist.

Akimoto died soon thereafter and the sokeship was secretly given to Sato. This was a total surprise because my attention was still on his fist. One is Shoto Tanemura, and the other is Masaaki Hatsumi. He was also a master of Hichojutsu, and Senban Nage.

Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu

My body reacts to his elbow strike by bending forward at the waist not captured on camera and he immediately follows with a back fist to my face.

Shoto Tanemura received sokeship to the ryu through Sato Kinbei. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This was gikaj contested by Hatsumi.

Thus exists the dispute. See the footnote below. From what we understand there are no densho in the Gikan Ryu. Our featured instructors include: Now, as for the technique I learned from Soke.

I will show this technique at our upcoming black belt seminar and have it filmed for our member website so you can see what it looks like in movement. He then sinks his elbow down into my solar plexus area. Takamatsu gave sokeship to Fumio Akimoto. During the battle of Tenchi Gumi No Ran August 17ththe tenth grandmaster who was also named Yryu Gikanbo was shot and although he continued to fight with only one arm had eventually to retire after been cut many times.


Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu-Truth, Loyalty and Justice School

I was visiting Soke in his office one afternoon in the spring of when he said, Phiyo, let me show you a Gikan Ryu technique. For info — from the beginning I purposefully ensured the original was not of sufficient quality to be worth reproducing.

The only real way to study the Gikan Ryu is through the Genbukanwhere the scroll has been given to the public.

It captured all of my attention. Gikan Ryu History of Gikan Ryu. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Those are also known characteristics of Gikan ryu. Uryu Gikanbo was famus for his powerful punch.