Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart , weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry. Excerpt from Girlvert .. Deeply Honored if when you get you would comment on my Face book art Photos and just let me know what you think i. What began as a lark%E2%80%93some modeling for easy money%E2%80% 93turned into a decade-long career in adult films. Lest readers.

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I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. August 21, at Let me turn the last comment into MY comment, thusly, inverting it into the praise you deserve: She spends pages basically learning nothing from her experiences, and saying as much, and then kicks drugs and alcohol and marries someone boook starts a wonderful life.

I stared at Tyler, sort of in disbelief. Instead it is written in a way that makes it seem that the only reason it was possible was because she found another man.

There is a mechanical aspect of porn that leaves me numb, but then again, may be glrlvert numb part is an aesthetic of some sort. Jul 30, Amanda rated it liked it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I thought it had something to do with the movie Swingersand that was cool. Don’t Try This at Home. At the heart of the problem is that the story does not develop, the characters do not grow, the experience stop giving insight into anything.

Please review your cart. August 19, at 6: The door was wide open for all of the others to watch.


Pro Trusion introduced himself. And in some cases they won’t be uncomfortable with them because they’re genuinely uncomfortable with them; they’ll be uncomfortable because they sense that they should be.

What a great book. March 23, at Tyler had gotten turned on during the scene and decided to pop on me as well. Thank you so much for reading! She wouldn’t literalize the thought into words, but she has a vague, irrational fear that herpes will leap from your body onto her face and suction themselves there.

No mention of herself. Porn is getting increasingly more degrading and the dudes in this sound absolutely disgusting. In one chapter she recalls shooting a scene in which she was literally choked to death lost consciousness and had to be resuscitatedall while girlvfrt boyfriend just stood girlverg and watched.

My boyfriend wanted to come with me. It came for Christmas, and I wasn’t expecting it I consented to have it be taped, and Pro paid me an extra two hundred dollars in cash.

This is a very good book. He was obviously a smart guy.

Girlvert : A Porno Memoir

Perhaps you slithered onto this all on your own, but I doubt it. Porn, in general is boring, but when you have a character you care about or find interesting, or at times the way it’s shot, it is something else above the average viewing of bodies mixing together.

A Porno Memoir is not well-written. Confessions of a Hostie. A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation girlbert a friend of mine who works in literary PR. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I just don’t know. Spelling It Like It Is. Voltron captured it all on video.

Too often she tries to show everything, and the parade of physical and psychological abuse is never interspersed with appropriate context. Return to Book Page. As the performer, I surrendered absolute consent after I was paid for the footage.


Girlvert by Small, Oriana

Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart, weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry, love, drugs, and her own firebrand of what it means to live ecstatically. The author struck me as a very troubled person, and while she asserts progress at girovert end of the book, she attributes her positive changes to the influence of her husband.

She also reflects on the negative role drugs have played in her life—countless lines of coke, in addition to Ecstasy, speed, homemade crack, et al—and realizes they’ve used her more than she’s used them.

And at that time it was her talent to do porn. Oriana Small is a porn actress who goes by the name of Ashley Blue, and appeared in hundreds of films.

Girlvert : Oriana Small :

It made me uncomfortable at times, but I couldn’t put it down. Maybe he had to develop the comedic personality because of his lifelong problem. What is the surname of your grandparents with the chinese name?

Oriana has a lot of trauma to deal with as well as a lot of joy, but all I got out of it was girlver endless stream of drugs and disappointment. But no, she can’t make it out, so she puts on her glasses that are on a chain around her neck.

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