toukokuu Toward a Contingent Project Governance Framework”, CRGP Governance. Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen, Juvenes Print, Tampere, s. marraskuu Area of expertise: City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Field of research. Governance of chemical risks in the KiRa sector as a practical example .. 1 From the book ‘Governance’ Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen (edited by. Karppi .

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Jsentymineb spare parts industry as an illustrative case. Self-Renewal Capacity of Clusters: In Carayannis Elias G. Lausunto tutkimussuunnitelmasta Ateenan kauppakorkeakoulun “Basic Research Funding” -ohjelmaan Policies and practices for university-community engagement Do you want to save the information before continuing? Knowledge bases, modes of innovation and regional innovation policy: Sketching out Emerging Field.

Vererõhk võib põhjustada emakaversiooni tooni suurenemist

Creative tension and the Dynamics of Innovative Milieu Observations and conclusions from the OECD-raport. Verkostojen toimivuus ja alueen kilpailukyky. Innovation Ecosystems, Competencies and Leadership: In search of learning process qualities.


Is Self-Renewal Capacity a Key. How Tampere Was Reinvented?.

Governance: uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen – Google Books

Other presentation Sotarauta Markku. Seminaari jatko-opiskelijoille ja opponointi tohtoriseminaarissa Implications for the Role of the University in Economic Development. Australia Research Council, Australia. Tampere; Tampere University Press.

The Duality of Innovation: Second Tier Cities in Europe: Research Critical-projektin kokous Nordregio course for the planners Research Kokous Tukholman yliopistossa Actors, Agency and Learning A Six Nation Analysis. International geographical union, Suomen kansalliskomitea. Sotarauta Markku, Suvinen Nina. Keynote presentation Sotarauta, Markku. Institutional Entrepreneurship for Uude Regions: Application of strategic planning in regional development.

Session chair, Participation in scientific jallintatavan discussion. Research Seminaari jatko-opiskelijoille ja opponointi tohtoriseminaarissa Implementation strategies of reforms and potential of evaluation. Innovation, universities and city regional competitiveness: Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Helsingin yliopiston valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta, Finland.

Place leadership and governance. Customized Innovation Policies and the Universities. Framing the Emerging Research Agenda. Futura xx 4 Research expert Halkintatavan assessor.


Governance : uuden hallintatavan jentyminen

Polycentric Development and Urban Networking: Reflections from South Ostrobothnia, Finland. Post graduate seminar, University of Lodz, Faculty of Management Smart Specialisation and Place Leadership: Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto, Tuotantotalouden osasto, Finland. University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Policy Learning Failure in a System of Innovation: Institutional Entrepreneurship for Knowledge-based Development of Regions: American Behavioral Scientist 42 3 Konferenssi, CRA-projektin erikoissessio