Gvim is very much efficient for developers. It is command base editor. The difference between vim and gvim is that gvim is gui version of unix. To help you get started with Vi, I have written this small tutorial, because most Vim is also available for your OS, and it’s called “gVim”. VI and VIM Linux editor tutorial of advanced editing features and tricks. Related YoLinux Tutorials: -g, GUI gvim mode (if compiled in and available). -h.

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By pressing Esc you can get into command mode of gvim.

After that, follow the rest of the tutorial. Replace the string flower by rose. Change word Change sentence Change from cursor to end of line See “d” delete above for other variations.

Useful key mappings 7. It is thus preferable to use the command mode navigation keys:. The new window buffer created by “: What do you all think of this idea? Facebook Twitter Google Reddit.

Interactive Vim tutorial

First of all we will start with the configuration of gvim. Only a handfull of the most useful commands are introduced. Now you know how to move between the two modes.


The start point can either be an absolute line number, or be relative to the current line. This command writes and quits all the files that is being edited currently in gvim.

The vim editor is an enhanced version of vi. The basic commands are the same with VIM and Vi but Vi lacks certain functionality such as multiple levels of undo.

I seriously dont understand the mindset of hardcore vim users. Its intent is to provide a simple introduction to editing in gcim that is consistent in style with the rest of the tutorials in this tutorial collection. The icon should usually be on the desktop. This means that whatever is typed appears on tutprial screen, verbatim, as it were.

Jump to a particular position in the tag stack history. Home Tutorials Linux Text Editors vi and vim. Paste the copied line.

Linux vi and vim editor: Tutorial and advanced features

Move cursor back a word at a time white space delimited Move cursor back a word at a time first non-alphanumeric Move cursor back 5 words. For more complex regular expression examples, and mode general information about regular expressions, see: Press Enter to confirm expression to search for. Regular Expressions – Ashley J.


The same applies for the end point. You can do it by simply writing command: We could even do one with emacs because I kinda wana learn both well. Of course, it may not always be desireable to have such mappings enabled for every XML file but different mappings for different types of XML could be sourced manually from gvim by going into lastline mode and typeing ” source fileName tutorrial.

All these four commads are the combination of the w, q and a here a for all: Turn off the special meaning of a character.

GVIM Tutorial Session 1 – Basic GVIM Commands |

It covers buffers, ” vi ” command line instructions, interfacing with UNIX commands, and ctags. Take this tutorial for example: Thank you for reading!

To move cursor to the first line of file.