II. Improved generator4. Enlarged mm resection loop1. Safe bipolar technology Need a big reason to switch to the new. GYNECARE VERSAPOINT ™ II. Central Sterile · Surgical Instruments · Endoscopic Devices · Hysterscopes. Item Shown. GYNECARE VERSAPOINT Bipolar Electrosurgery System by Ethicon. MAUDE Adverse Event Report: ETHICON GYNECARE VERSAPOINT During hysteroscopy, the versapoint resectoscope was in the patient but not in use.

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Mount the electrode cable boss into the working element mounting block Swing the electrode towards the hysteroscope Position the shaft seal so that it fits into the seal groove on the working element and is flush with the sealing tape Note: Use painter s tape rather than duct versapoiht to secure window.

Unauthorized duplication More information. Service manual Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters Service manual Before installation quoting stage Work out with the customer what is the right model to install for the application Site assessment 1. Technical Information Technical Information This section of the catalogue provides technical information that will help specify, install and vedsapoint Surelock McGill devices and components. Disconnect hoses and carefully check for an obstruction.

A plastic More information. All wiring must be in accordance with the National. Your particular model may have only some of these.

Remove the U-bolt nuts. Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Attach the assembled working element, hysteroscope, and electrode assembly to the sheaths. Cable and Fiber Preparation Start display at page:.

Insert the standard obturator into the sheath Lock the standard obturator in place by pressing it firmly into the sheathlocking ring until the obturator snaps into place 4. Grey float Full Flush F. It will not damage paint or leave sticky residue.


GYNECARE VERSAPOINT Bipolar Electrosurgery System – PDF

It can reduce costs by using a single intervention to diagnose and treat uterine pathology. Request assistance from qualified service engineer if fault persists.

You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Forums Documents versaooint Manuals. Clogged hoses or wand tube. What is a Hysteroscopy?

Check insulation of connector cable. Although the install ggnecare daunting at first, once you get the learning curve More information. Remove connector and inspect pins for damage. Technical data 4 C.

The information included in this Splendide Repair Manual may change without notice. Attach the light cable from the light source to the hysteroscope light post.

Ethicon Gynecare Versapoint Resectoscopic System Electrode (Each)

Attach the standard obturator to the inner sheath. Ensure no contact was made with other equipment during activation. Level Detector Replacement More information. Avoid placing objects in the fersapoint of the blades.

The shaft seal is dropped into place, not slid Electrode Mounting Block Using gentle pressure, press the electrode hysteroscope clip onto the hysteroscope Connect the electrode to the connector cable by aligning the alignment mark on the keyed connector with the alignment mark on the connector cable electrode connector and press firmly together until the electrode connector snaps into place Distal Clip Resectoscopic Electrode Shaft Seal Electrode Cable Boss Standard obturator not pictured Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure necessary to replace one of the ball nuts More information.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Your particular model may have only some of these More information. My Bench Order History Sign vdrsapoint. Every effort has More information.


It is disclosed to the receiving More information. Be careful not to scratch or hit front edge vefsapoint the side viewing micro prisms onto hard objects! Troubleshooting Guide and Instructions for Service http: All wiring must be in accordance with the National More information. Flush handle assembly D.

Ethicon Gynecare VersaPoint Bipolar Electrosurgery Generator System | eBay

The Flash Link will ensure the external flash fires, regardless of the ambient light. You gyneczre t have to live with More information. Specifying durability and repair for laptop computers Case study Specifying durability and repair for laptop computers June A case study of a Hewlett-Packard notebook to illustrate and encourage the durability and repair of laptop computers. Attach the assembled standard obturator and inner sheath to the outer sheath Insert the assembled standard obturator and inner sheath assembly into the outer sheath Screw the inner sheath into the outer sheath using the ribbed ring on the outer sheath Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Obturator PUB Revision B The names of any providers and patients used in illustrations or examples in this document are fictitious.

To ensure that your installation proceeds smoothly–please. Verswpoint the assembled standard obturator and sheaths into the uterus. Item Qty Description Service. Treating heavy menstrual bleeding caused by fibroids or polyps With today s medical advances the outlook for successful treatment of fibroids and polyps has never been better.

Once display reads Connect Cable, connect hand piece to generator.