Results 1 – 12 of 18 Ras Alula and the Scramble for Africa: A Political Biography: Ethiopia & Eritrea Dec 1, by Haggai Erlich. Ras Alula was one of the big men or Telek Saw who played a prominent role in the making of modern Ethiopia. He was famous enough to be lamented by a. Emeritus Professor Haggai Erlich gave a public lecture on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Ethiopian Exile and Interreligious Conceptualization on March 18, .

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Erlich studies focus on Ethiopiaon the modern Middle Eastand on the connections and the relations between these histories. The first hagai of the book discusses the medieval foundations of the country’s political culture; the second part focuses on the late 19th century victory of Hsggai over both European imperialists and local neighbors; and the third part explains the price paid for these formative victories — the entrenchment of traditional structures and concepts as shapers of Ethiopia to The license is valid for both electronic and paper copies.

Analyzing the legacies of old religious messages and their influence erlicy modern strategic relations the book, based on new archival material, sheds new lights on an African-Middle Eastern drama which began with great promise and ended disastrously in The submitting author ensures that the manuscript has been approved by all the authors. It combines the study of the history of Arab-Islamic societies with those of other societies in the region.

Also available in print at the Harrassowitz Publishing House.


Also available in print at the Harrassowitz Publishing House. Authors will retain the copyright for their intellectual work.

Erlich Haggai, Dept. of Middle Eastern and African History

The narrative follows the development of strategic relations ever since Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia through the Ogaden War and local activities of the terrorism networks of the s.

Issues kindly supported by. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Newsletter erlic Name Email. His studies on Ethiopia deal mainly with the internal ethnic dynamism between Tigreans and Amhara and the country’s political culture as a factor in Ethiopia’s survival in facing European imperialism. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Court of jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany. Authors Africa World Press, Inc. The analysis combines the factual changes with an exploration of the ways in which religious formulations of the nearby “other” influenced policymaking and were also reshaped by it.

Both Italians and Ethiopians regarded Alula as the most persistent opponent of Italian involvement in Ethiopian affairs. Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile.

A discussion of the special relations between what used to be a Christian empire and the Jewish state of Israel.

Erlich Haggai, Middle Eastern and African History

baggai Erlich, the general editor summarizes the flexible, non-essentialist nature of Ethiopia’s religiosity. The conceptual dilemmas of Ethiopia’s Christian establishments, of Ethiopia’s Muslim communities and of the Saudis are analyzed as they have developed along and influenced these processes. The revival of Tigrean hegemony over Ethiopia; the military victories which guaranteed the survival Ethiopia’s independence; the rise of Menelik II and the great national victory near Adwa were all milestones in the Ras’s life.

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Haggai Erlich: The Cross and the River: Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile

A collection of twelve articles which had been published in various journals, all revolving around the Ethiopian modern experience, and which in sequence constitute an attempt at understanding the country’s unique success at maintaining independence. It focuses mainly on the internal struggles of the Eritreans as they were interwoven with two simultaneous developments: January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The life and times of this great Ethiopian political figure of the 19th century in its vicissitudes reflects some of the major issues in his period. Issues kindly supported by. Copyright Agreement Authors will retain the copyright for their intellectual work. Aethiopica14 1 We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. A biography of Ethiopia’s national hero, Ras Alulathe general and statesman who played a central role in Ethiopia’s struggle for survival in facing late 19th century imperialism.

Haggai Erlich was born to a working-class family in Tel Avivwas a member of the leftist youth movement Hashomer Hatsair and studied in the Oriental Class of Tel Aviv municipality secondary school D. This biography makes a significant contribution in the study of an important chapter in the history of Ethiopia and Eritrea through the experience of a person who was not the head of the state.