Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Fix your bike like a pro! Get your Repair Manual fast from , with our Best Price. Harley Davidson Sportster Models Service Repair Manual Harley Davidson-Sportster_ XLH Sportster 93 a 98 – Service Manual TG. View and Download Harley-Davidson Sportster owner’s manual online. Sportster Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Iron , Sportster .

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Inspection cover models 3B. Note the slot in the solenoid housing rim Figure and the boss on the field frame Figure Clean and lubricate the primary chain as described in this section. Sportstef disconnect and remove the clutch cable from the slot in the coupling. Brake fluid should be visible in all of the sight glass A, Figure Disconnect the spark plug cable from the spark plug and from the ignition coil.


Remove the primary drive cover as described in this chapter. Remove the primary chain, engine sprocket and clutch Chapter Seven.

uarley Measure and record the valve tappet bore inner diam- eter. However, if the Supply Cylinder motorcycle is ridden for short trips or repeatedly started and Bolt main circuit breaker 8.


Harley Davidson service manuals for download, free!

If not using the tool, it is necessary to measure bearing depth Needle bearings when installing the new bearings models: Repeat for the the flange must be flat to fit properly onto the exhaust studs.

The gauge adapter is either inserted or screwed into the spark plug hole to obtain the reading. Rear exhaust cam gear 2. On California models, move the carbon canister purge hose out of the vapor valve bracket groove Chapter Ten or Chapter Eleven. Mo- mentarily connect a fully charged volt battery to the starter as shown in Figure 7.

Harley Sportster Manual

Reconnect the ignition coil pink wire to its terminal on the ignition coil. Make hqrley that the shift fork is flush against second Mainshaft gear. Turn the adjusting screw Figure 64 counterclockwise until it is lightly seated. A sticking solenoid, caused by a worn solenoid com- pression spring A, Figure 11can cause this problem.

Position the head so the the head gasket is not moved out of alignment. Install the short bolts in the outer bolt holes next to the spark plug hole. It goes up to page Select the correct size remover slortster tool and insert it into the bearing.


Disconnect the bank angle sensor connector [B]. Sensor haeley screw Further testing requires the use of a Scanalyzer. Place the installer base on the press bed with the large end facing up. Front intake cam gear 4. Place a drain pan beside one fork tube, then remove the drain screw Figure 23 from the slider. Install the cylinders in their original positions.

Remove all thread sealant residue from the drive sprocket nut and main drive gear threads. Remove the O-ring Figure 12 from the accelerator pump housing cover. The system will pause for two seconds, and then flash the ready signal, which indicates it is ready to flash the next code.

Insert the tool handle into the race remover tools.

Install the thrust washer Figure 77 and snap ring. If the hub on spoke wheels is damaged, the hub can be replaced by removing the spokes and assembling a narley hub. Straddle the motorcycle and apply the front brake lever.