Announcements. New to the game? Check out the links on the FAQ page. Live streams wiki. Match threads: How to request a thread via the bot. Harsha Bhogle speaks about Excellence at IIM Ahmedabad. Email me for info on how to get Harsha Bhogle speech DVDs for free. You can. Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist. He was born in a Marathi speaking family in Hyderabad.

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Yuvi December 8,9: We usually set ourselves the end or the result goals. Pratap June 2,4: Paresh May 11,8: Hi, i am trying to download this video but i m not able to. Hi i like speech. Bhagyashree, Email me for info on how to get a free DVD of this video. soeech

Inspiring Harsha Bhogle speech on ‘Talent vs Attitude’ at IIM Ahmedabad – Boring Feed

The End gives us the vision. And its not his experiences that is interesting, but the way he analyzed it and presented it. He started his career as commentator in cricket.

I am with Karthikeyan plz share how to download and rather want you to speak more coz u dont know to howmany u r an icon. I wanted to have this with me. Punit February 17, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I hit speecg lazy button where the commentator speaks on the microphone but the voice goes only to the producer and asked him if he could pull out the dismissal from that match.


I could listen to only the 1st part. This is truly an amazing talk.

Harsha Bhogle studied there. Or else on which mail id I need to send you an email? And being a fielder meant I could be friends with everybody. Cheers, Karthikeyan karthikeyan2k7 gmail. Can I get it please. Submit a new link.

Kavit Shah July 19,3: No ‘cheap karma’ posts or visibly annoying comments – examples are listed in the wiki. I loved fielding from the bottom of my heart.

As soon as the ball was bowled —and you can imagine how quickly the fast bowlers will bowl; on television, you have no idea of speed — he had to quickly move his camera to the batting crease to see a stumping, if a spinner is bowling, and then follow the ball and promptly come back to see if there is a chance of a run-out.

Hello Brijesh, Great video man!!! Can you plz tell me where I will get the DVD of this speech?

Helps me a great deal right away! One can imagine the depth of thoughts a person can have!!! Amit, To get a free DVD, click on the like button below and get another 15 of your friends to click the like button.

Brijesh September 9,2: Thanks hadsha lot for these video clips. Rajesh November 6,2: As I have read a few of the request below, I would appreciate if you can also help me with a copy of the DVD. You can find my email in the iin section harsya the website. The Australian cricket coach says that and the Australian swimming coach says that; the idea being not to allow the pressure of the result to choke your performance.


Conventional thinking Everybody is on their own timezone What does it feel like to do heroin? Dorothea Figueroa May 30,1: Brijesh March 1,3: He batted like he had bank deposits, while as Tendulkar bats like he is playing the equity markets.

These were my heroes.


I am going to upload one more video by him. And they are words to live by:. In fact, if anything, harshz breeds an ego – something that is only likely to get in your way.

This morning, these words have a very important meaning to me! And attitude and passion to perform count far, far more than ability.

Talent Is The Most Useless Thing To Possess, Says Harsha Bhogle & He Makes So Much Sense

In this video, Bhogle returns to IIM Ahmedabad to address a gathering that included professors whom taught him. Every woman I met wanted to get married to him. Attitude and Passion count far more than talent. It was the most wonderful speech I have ever heard. There are no excuses. AtI thought it was all a matter of luck, like all year-olds imi. Brijesh November 4,2: