The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intimacy, they are unrivaled in all of Scripture. How to Read the Psalms has ratings and 31 reviews. The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intima. No wonder Christians have used the Psalms in worship from the earliest times to the How to Read the Psalms () by Tremper Longman III.

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Brian G. Hedges : How to Read the Psalms by Tremper Longman III (Book Review)

The author uses a lot of examples to explain things, which dead does well, and the book also contains a lot of quotes and refer to various authors. But they definitely end there, indeed all the longing and yearning that is contained in the Psalms is all meant to point to Christ, the end and realization of all longing and yearning.

A quick little introduction that covers expected bases – genres, far too brief history of interpretation, and techniques of Hebrew poetry.

Longman has provided another gem! Psalm 69, which is a lament, and finally Psalm 30, thhe is a thanksgiving psalm.

How to Read the Psalms

Mar 29, Eric rated it it was amazing. This is a solid academic ppsalms to the psalms for the curious biblical student. Although intended for the academic level, it’s a good bridge for the layman who wants to go deeper.

Nov 06, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Many images they use are foreign to us today. This section is one of the strong points of the work as a whole.

Yet the Psalms cause us difficulties when we look at them closely. Longman discusses genre, imagery, organization, parallelism, etc.

I’m still working I loved this book. The last part of the book, called ‘The Melody of the Psalms,’ is devoted to a more detailed examination of three psalms: Helpful intro to reading the Psalms, along with application of a method of reading individual Psalms. Longman easily demonstrates the importance of knowing the Psalms and explaining the various forms of the Psalms.

It is both helpful and frustrating that Longman waits until the end to provide us with a complete demonstration of his hermeneutic in action.


All the high points are here–discussion of different kinds of psalms, discussion of how the psalms are to shape the sin I’d always heard of this book as THE treatment of the psalms, but I’d never read it until espying it the church library.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Before coming to Westmont, he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia for eighteen years.

Good if you don’t have any experience with poetry as Longman goes over basic categories in biblical poetry. Part three of the book applies the methodology outlined in the first eight chapters to the study of three psalms – Psalms 98 chapter nine69 chapter tenand 30 chapter eleven.

The te part of the book is about “The Art of the Psalms.

The Psalms are a repository This isn’t a review. There must be a better psal,s to this topic. This potent paperback has my highest recommendations. The author is a scholar of the Old Testament, but does not come across as merely a technical expert ot critic of the material, but as someone who also submits to the Bible as God’s word, who knows the God of the Bible as saviour and Lord. I was skeptical of such a wide range of intended audience, but I must admit he managed exceptionally well to meet this ambitious goal.

But t This was a solid intro into a good foundation for reading the Psalms. This is a very good book that will help anyone in their reading and study of the Psalms. Aug 17, Mark A Powell rated it liked it. Heed the psalms of wisdom. For frankness, directness, intensity and intimacy, they are unrivaled in all of Scripture.

Apr 30, Grant Baker rated it it was amazing. Of all the discussions about the use of the Psalm it is the final chapter of this division that stands out as the teh impressive The Psalms: Couple that with the fact that we are far removed pslams the Psalmists context, understanding the Psalms can be daunting.

I highly recommend this book as a quick introduction to reading the Psalms and am certain that my forthcoming study will be more profitably on account of what I’ve read here.

Unlike more academic works which deal with the interpretive process for means of communicating the ideas Longman points out how the interpretive process is primarily engaged in communicating ideas for effecting change. Psalm 98, that is a hymn of praise. When you are frightened, be encouraged by the psalms of confidence. This is a good little book. The one thing that I think all readers are longing for as they go through the book is this type of demonstration.


Book Review: How To Read The Psalms by Tremper Longman III

Anybody can benefit from this. Given the wealth of information and the well crafted exercises with the extensive answer key, this book will last a long time as a reference, and be cherished for many years to come. The Psalms possess trempdr enduring fascination for us.

He clearly shows how, no matter the state of our emotions, problems or situations we face, the book of Psalms will guide us forward. I enjoyed being taught about how to te understand the significance of both the content and the structure of the psalms. Return to top of page. The Genres of the Psalms. One can certainly, I believe, find a place for each of the psalms under these general categories. Longman points out how Jesus argued that the whole purpose of the Old Testament was to point towards Him and so even the Psalms are about Jesus You tremoer start reading and working with the psalms right away, which makes reading this book not a passive experience, but an engaging and fun trip.

He presents the tools for understanding the Psalms well in a manner accessible to lay people but useful for clergy as well. Chapter two examines the origin, tremmper and use of the Psalms, including some helpful reflection on the titles, authorship, and historical events behind some of lpngman psalms. It quite made me wish that I could understand Hebrew, to study the psalms in their original languages.

These are valuable chapters, though a bit more technical than the first five.