anca – I fondamenti degli Scacchi – pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Chicco, Adriano Storia degli scacchi in Italia: dalle origini ai giorni nostri .. JosĀ“ Raul e I fondamenti degli scacchi / JosĀ“ Raul Capablanca Decentrate: Il libro descrive l’evoluzione nel gioco degli scacchi dal XV al XX secolo, tempo e posizione, rappresenta i fondamenti degli scacchi che sono costanti nel tempo, di Steinitz attraverso l’opera di Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine e Botvinnik.

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A piece that moves successively through adjacent squares without leaping, e.

As in homogeneous move. The game is played on a 10 x 10 board. A piece that moves one or more squares straight forward. See Home, Malcolm Source s: A move option that may be performed by leaping. Piece in Tamerlane chess making a 1,4 giraffe leap followed by a rook-move.

The csacchi of China. These include some pieces invented for fairy chess problems. See line piece Source s: Moa that can move only if the intermediate cell is occupied instead of vacant.


Consecutive captures whereby each player wins material. The first stage of the game commencing from home squares.

A move that is independent of time. Chess Information and Research Center – Rev.

I fondamenti degli scacchi

A version of the game with more modern pieces was played capablwnca the ‘s. Notable people who have published material relating to chess variants. See orthochess Source s: The Oxford companion to chess Link s: Compare passive move, capture move. A three-dimensional chess variant seen on the television science fiction series Star Trek.

See dabbaba Source s: Chess variations, ancient, regional, and modern. See sanguo qi Source s: Lehrbuch der Schachstrategie, Band 2.

Founder of the Chess Variant Pages. Capablanca chess Link s: Lion modified to make a right-angled turn above the csacchi like eagle but not resticted as to length of move beyond hurdle. Co-editor of the book: To place a captive or reserve piece on the board to subsequently be used as one’s own. Grasshopper restricted to ranks and files. World chess champion Guide to double chess See also: See amazon Source s: A piece steps when it moves from its current cell to an adjacent cell.


DB Books – List

A doubly-bent rider, inspired by the gryphon and aanca Link s: Isolierter Bauer, Theorie des Schachmittelspiels. Inventor of knight relay chess. A direct offspring of the Indian chess game of Chaturanga.

Dunsany’s chess Link s: Leaps two orthogonally or diagonally or captures on neighboring square Link s: A chess variant where at the end of a move, all enemy pieces attacked by the moving piece under normal chess rules are flipped to become friendly pieces.