INTJ: Portrait of a Mastermind (Portraits of the 16 Personality Types) – Kindle edition by Molly Owens. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . INTJ has 70 ratings and 3 reviews. Alex said: Redundant and lack of detailed informationIt’s a very short read, almost good to bump self esteem because. The ultimate INTJ portrait including personality overview, strengths and weaknesses, relationships, love, dating, career choices ( jobs), INTJ at work, .

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They can be blunt in their presentation, and often communicate in terms of the larger strategy, leaving out the details. I wish we could all have a facebook group together.

Linda Studer rated it really liked it Oct 29, So true I’ve been to 5 sites about intj personality types and been to this one 3 times.

I feel as if I should thank them, for playing the card they were dealt, because I’m happy I don’t have to, but more importantly so my kids don’t have to. A mastermiind INTJ here.

On the contrary, I can postpone things extraordinarily well. I encourage you to also invest in yourself! Elisa, Thank you for that very encouraging message!


INTJ in Depth — Discover Your Strengths and Make the Most of Your INTJ Talents | Truity

The original form of this portrait comprised three paragraphs, but I ‘ ve broken it up further by adding my comments. Use your drive to raise your kids to be the people you want them to be, then give it over to God. Of the four aspects of strategic analysis and definition it is the contingency planning or entailment organizing role that reaches the highest development in INTJs.

Terms untj Use and Privacy Policy. To ask other readers questions about INTJplease sign up. Kind masterminv an inside joke of the perceived genius relative to the outside perspective, it’s a “gift” alright I try to think about this when someone doesn’t quite fit in my life, which is quite often.

Sergio not verified says What are the core values of the INTJ? Yes so true a very typical response.

Mastermind (INTJ) Temperament

Functional pockets, comfort, and easy to care for are lacking in porrtrait clothes. Regine Arnold not verified says Rumell Khan rated it it was amazing May 18, Kate not verified says Kendall rated it did not like it Jul 21, No trivia or masfermind yet.


To a somewhat lesser extent, they have similar expectations of others. Jonas not verified says This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. I could not homeschool, but I respect you for it. Graduated with a Master of Molecular Biology, podtrait Software Engineering, and learning game development on the side.

On the topic of wealth, it is fascinating to me to realize how insignificant most things are.

Would love to connect with all of you as well! INTJs are most always highly competent people, and will not have a problem meeting their career or education goals. Nothing could be further from the truth, because the INTJ is committed to always finding the plrtrait best strategy to implement their ideas.

Archetype Collective unconscious Personal unconscious. Donna Violet not verified says Like yourself I am very family-oriented and spritual. Masterminds are introspective, logical, rational, pragmatic, clear-headed, mastwrmind, and attentive. Bakerp not verified says