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He felt a great terror at the prospect, being especially impressed by the awful loneliness of that leaxbeater waste of waters, and he was also much troubled with thoughts of his wife and family, and the difficulties in which they would be left by his sudden decease. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Invisible Helpers

Also, except some of their higher orders, they are generally inconsequent and thoughtless – more leadeater happy children at play under exceedingly favourable physical conditions than like grave and responsible entities.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. We must learn to distinguish not only between useful and useless work, but between the different heloers of useful work, so that we may each devote ourselves to the very highest of which we are capable, and not fritter away our time in labouring at something which, however good it may be for the man who cannot yet do anything better, is unworthy of the knowledge and capacity which should be ours as Theosophists.

The feelings of the rescuer may be imagined when she read in the newspaper some time afterwards an account of the providential deliverance of this family. Let that, then, be the portion of our subject to be next treated.

Again, many of the departed who wish to help those whom they left behind, find themselves quite unable to influence them in any way, since to work from one plane upon an entity on another requires either very great sensitiveness on the part of that entity, or a certain amount of knowledge and skill on the part of the operator.

Before we can be safely trusted with the wider powers of the astral life, we must have ourselves perfectly in hand. Clairvoyance by Charles W. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Thoughts are things, intensely real things, visible enough to those whose eyes have been opened to see, and by their means the poorest man may bear his part in the good work of the world as fully as the richest.

The children’s story was that after night came on they had wandered about crying in the woods for some time, and had at last lain down under a tree to sleep. In convincing them that this ignorant and disastrous opposition to the cosmic will is contrary to the laws of nature, and persuading them to adopt an attitude of mind which is the exact reversal of it, lies a great part of the work of those who are trying to help. They have inviaible taught that all men are destined to eternal flames except a favoured few who are fw good; and since a very small amount of self-examination convinces them that invlsible do not belong to that category, they are leafbeater too often in a condition of panic terror, dreading every moment that the new world in which they find themselves may dissolve and drop them into cd clutches of the devil, in whom they have been sedulously taught to believe.


Let there be no mistake as to what is meant here. So he has to go through his tests, and through many another strange experience – to meet face to face with calm courage the most terrifying apparitions amid the most loathsome surroundings – to show in fact that his nerve may be thoroughly trusted under any and all of the varied groups of circumstances in which he may at any moment find himself.

My son could no more explain what is an angel than I could explain Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Invisible Helpers

Many of us simply spend our lives in magnifying the most absurd trivialities – in solemnly and elaborately going to work to make ourselves miserable about nothing. It is sad to relate how often when some catastrophe is impending the helpers are hindered in their kindly offices by wild leadbeatdr among those whom the danger threatens – or sometimes, worse still, by a mad outburst of drunkenness among those whom they are trying to assist. Start reading Invisible Helpers on your Kindle in under a minute.

In-other-words he’s not taken on the mantle of what I will call, ‘the human condition’.

The strength which he puts forth in that more exalted realm produces results greater, more far-reaching and more lasting than any which can be attained by the expenditure of even ten times the force down here; and the work up there is such as he alone can fully accomplish, while that on lower planes may be at any rate to some extent achieved by whose feet are yet upon the earlier steps of the great stairway which will one day lead them to the position where he stands.

The first requisite is that we shall have recognized the great work which the Masters would have us do, and that it shall be for us the one great interest in our lives.

Still it sometimes happens that one of them will become attached to a human being, and do him many a good turn; but at the present stage of its evolution this department of nature cannot be relied upon for anything like steady co-operation in the work of invisible helpers. Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena. According to the esoteric teachings these steps are grouped in three great divisions: I ended up ordering nearly every book of C.

Customers who bought this item also bought. It may be remembered that some instances of such help were observed in the course of investigations into the subdivisions of the devachanic plane which were undertaken when the Theosophical manual on the subject was in preparation.

Besides, he was not even aware of his danger, for the dense, suffocating smoke had so gradually filled the room that his sleep had grown deeper and deeper, till he was all but stupefied. They had been roused, they said, by a beautiful lady with a lamp, who took them by the hand and led them home; when they questioned her she smiled at them, but never spoke a word.

One person found this helpful. Set up a giveaway. The ideal is in truth a high one, yet none need therefore turn away disheartened, nor think that while he is still but struggling toward it he must necessarily remain entirely useless on the astral plane, for short of the responsibilities and dangers of that full awakening there is much that may safely and usefully be done. This story has been told by a pen of far greater dramatic capability than mine, and with a wealth of detail for which I have here no space, in The Theosophical Review of November,page So deeply is this conviction ingrained in us that it costs most men a good deal of effort to overcome the instinctive action which follows from it, and to realize that in the astral body the densest rock offers no impediment to their freedom of motion, that they may leap with impunity from the highest cliff, and plunge with the most absolute confidence into the heart of the raging volcano or the deepest abysses of the fathomless ocean.


In this instance there seems no reason to doubt that the mother herself was still keeping a loving watch over her children from the astral plane, and that as has happened in some other cases her intense desire to warn them of the danger into which they were so heedlessly rushing gave her the power to make herself visible and audible to them for the moment – or perhaps merely to impress their minds with the idea that they saw and heard her.

This young aspirant had not long before lost an aged relation for whom he had felt an especially warm affection; and his earliest request was to be taken by a more experienced friend to visit her in the hope that he might be of some service to her. EASTERN books tell us that there are four means by which a man may be brought to the beginning of the path of spiritual advancement: Our temper, for example, must be thoroughly under control, so that nothing that we may see or hear can cause real irritation in us, for the consequences of such irritation would be far more serious on that plane than on this.

In the ordinary events of our physical life the deva very rarely interferes – indeed, he is so fully occupied with the far grander work of his own plane that he is probably scarcely conscious of this; and though it may occasionally happen that he becomes aware of some human sorrow or difficulty which excites his pity and moves him to endeavour to help in some way, his wider vision undoubtedly recognizes that at the present stage of evolution such interpositions would in the vast majority of cases be productive of infinitely more harm than good.

Gives one pause, yes?

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IT is one of the many evils resulting from the absurdly erroneous teaching as to conditions after death which is unfortunately current in our western world, that those who have recently shaken off this mortal coil are usually much puzzled and often very seriously frightened at finding everything so different from what their religion had led them to expect.

Our loved ones for that matter, because of lack of knowledge and skills, can only intervene in a limited way; on the other side, they themselves are often in need of much spiritual help. The result astounded him, and he at once put his vessel about and stood off from the coast, though it was not until morning came that he realized how very close he had been to an appalling disaster.

ANOTHER piece of work done by the same boy Cyril furnishes an almost exact parallel to some of the stories from the books which I have given in earlier pages. Remember the look in a newborn’s eyes? Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The probationary period, before any definite pledges are taken, or initiations in the full sense of the word are given.